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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. It's not really about different opinions though (well, not much) when you scratch the surface, but personality styles. Mine included.

    However, it's unfortunate that over the years I've been reading the forum (and a few years before my current registration) I've seen members posts variants of "I'm off to stir up trouble in the ________ thread." It's mostly good fun, but we shouldn't pretend it doesn't happen.

    In the end, these are all minor spats, and (mostly) done in good faith or in humour. WhereDoesTheDJGo was correct. PJ is THE forum.
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  2. Seeing DiscoTV running still on a dreary Monday November morning, is a real pick me up.
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  4. I wonder what the box office score was for Infinite Disco?
  5. Reacting to that and not what is written in the thread has only caused harm, hasn't it. I also didn't see specific users' opinions being targeted, people seemed to be snapping at users indiscriminately. Unless we know from other interactions in other threads that ALL of those people had the same intentions/predisposition. (I wouldn't know as I cannot really keep up with anything outside of threads I follow...)
  6. I would like if we could stop labouring over petty squabbles that are starting to define this thread more than anything to do with Kylie.

    It happened, it was a nonsense and the thread was locked as a result. Can we not just move on and stop going on about it? There’s an album to discuss huns. X
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  7. My credit card is ready for signed vinyls
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  8. I love how people here are speaking for the general public as a whole. Nobody has any idea how a song will do. Though I would also not like Monday Blues to be a single. I've warmed to it now, especially after the Infinite Disco performance. But it's just so cheesy. It is catchy though, but all the songs on this album have catchy elements, some more so than others.

    Supernova, Miss A Thing, Real Groove, Last Chance, Dance Floor Darling, Fine Wine all scream possible singles to me. Real Groove or Dance Floor Darling would be my choice I think. Honestly just flip a coin. Or do both!

    But Last Chance is phenomenal, it could be a little too on the nose as it's very Night Fever-is. Supernova is interstellar but I think it sounds a bit like the Speakerphone of this album - I be nervous for how the casual or new Kylie fan would react to it.

    Either way, this success for Kylie in the week of album release is just the most joyous thing which gives me tears of joy or Kylie. Let her do what she wants and if she chose Monday Blues.
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  9. Is there anyway to still watch Infinite Disco or was it one and done?
  10. What are the possibilities of the next single being a collab / remix? It would be nice to see Miss A Thing or Real Groove become one but I would love a guest vocal on them. I loved the way Kylie blended with Tove Lo on their collab.

    Maybe Carly Rae or a nice male vocalist in the vein of Khalid? Although I'm aware that's very out of reach - but someone of that kind - he sounded great on Experience.
  11. I’m going to be a nervous wreck all week waiting for Kylie to rightfully claim her spot at number one.
  12. "Miss A Thing" feat. Jessie Ware or "Real Groove" feat. Dua Lipa could be fun, but it's too early in the campaign to be releasing a remixed album track as a single, in my opinion.
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  13. RJF


    Please do point me to the post where this happened.

    Y’all have literally been bent out of shape for days over two posts saying the album wasn’t very good. Have a look at yourselves.
  14. Legitimately, no. It was only streamable then and there, and you only had access to it for a few hours afterwards if you left it open and paused.
  15. That’s a shame, I’d happily pay to watch it now if it was available.
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  16. I keep hovering my finger of the buy button for some merch, but I've literally spent £30 just on postage in the store this month and doing it again is making me wince.
  17. There is a link floating around the net.
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  18. That would be heaven.
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  19. I don't know if Jessie fits with Kylie's vocal style. Dua seems to have a packed release schedule (with a Miley collab on her way and a current Angele Europe-focused single) and I don't see it happening, realistically. I don't think it's too early in the campaign to discuss, post-album singles aren't exactly an easy thing to boost and Kylie / BMG should look at possibilities to cross-promote with someone else and bring new audiences to the album. If anything, disco has been an 'universal language' this year and has sort of transcended target audiences / generations. I'm not saying they should pair her up with The Weeknd, but I wouldn't limit her to Radio 2 stuff either.
  20. I'm not saying that it's too early to be discussing it—I'm actually quite excited by the concept, tbh. However, I do think that they can release at least one more solo single before getting someone on for a remix.
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