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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. As mentioned, it was the combo of releasing "All I See" as the lead single in the US and releasing the album 5 months after the rest of the world. Fans had all already imported copies, and the general public didn't want to risk buying an album full of "All I See"s.
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  2. I'd rank Golden a bit higher at the moment, personally. It had a surprising amount of staying power. Having said that, I dislike Dancing more than most of Disco.

    Whatever my thoughts on the Disco album the Infinite Disco show and other promo opportunities have been a treat and I love to see her so engaged with a new era after 2019 was so heavy on the nostalgia.
  3. Like most albums, this could have been whittled down to a strong 11 or 12 tracks. It's one of her best and most consistent collections ever.

    I think what I struggle with is that it feels more like the album the gays put on in the background as they get ready and drink at home before going to the disco rather than what you want to or expect to hear at the disco. The difference - besides the songs being so short - is that there aren't really driving instrumental hooks. So many disco songs had repetitive sounds that became iconic ('I Feel Love', anything by Nile Rodgers), not always pop melodies. Hence, why so many disco instrumentals got sampled in the late '80s and '90s. Kylie's DISCO is not that. It's Kylie in her Light Years/Fever pop-radio incarnation, which is fine, but it lessens the concept.
  4. This works best for me as a 10-track DISCO affair:

    1. Say Something
    2. Miss A Thing
    3. Real Groove
    4. Fine Wine
    5. Supernova
    6. Last Chance
    7. I Love It
    8. Till You Love Somebody
    9. Dance Floor Darling
    10. Unstoppable
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  5. I'm still gagged by that In Your Eyes performance.
  6. Can I just say I’ve grown to love the artwork...

    It fits the album sound so well!
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  7. Could we please not relive the 2000s US release strategy that was such a dark time.
  8. A career highlight! End of discussion!
  9. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    The general public didn’t know about ‘All I See’ dddd.
  10. Poor Mims.
  11. I will never truly recover from it, nearly screamed when she started singing! The chorus is just all kinds of unreal
  12. My favorite part is after the first chorus where I started thinking “Was this part of an interlude? Is the song over?” and then:


    Kylie: Destiny has a...

    And shit gets serious.

  13. Never understood why they tried to push All I See in the US. It just seemed to kill the campaign stone dead there.
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    matthew. Staff Member

    R&B was the current genre de jour, they got Miss who just had a #1 singles, and I don’t think they expected anything else to hit in America.
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  15. It just serves absolutely the whole time, and then transitions into Light Years which floored me, she nailed that high note!
  16. You explained yourself why you may prefer Golden in the long run. It just means more to you. Which is great. I think Disco is received even better because it is more on brand than Golden was. Country-Pop is cute but Disco-Pop is what many gays get up for. It all being quite good does help a lot.

    That said Golden was already a big one. She could have gone down terrible roads but she took the high one. It's just so good to see. Especially since it all feels so natural. It's Kylie delivering. It's completely on brand. In the best way.

    She came into her own lane. Which is nice to see. Like Mariah, it's great to see the 'older' ones to find comfortable spots that don't feel just legacy but current and important. Passion projects basically.

    I also feel like Disco was released ages ago and I am listening to classics that I love now. Which is so good.
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  17. Dunno if it was posted but she’s performing on Colbert this Wednesday.
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  18. I think Golden was just a stronger set of songs too. She took a risk and for the most part it paid off. Not perfect but then nothing is.

    I’ve said enough times that I wish Disco wasn’t so safe and “been there done that” but it’s the icky real sour note for me. The songs are all good and that’s what matters. I just think Golden packs more of a punch.
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  19. Some US promo is gonna be good for her as Disco currently sits at #2 on the US itunes charts and #5 in digital on amazon and #15 cd's on amazon and #94 vinyl.
    MAGIC #80 United States (+21)
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  20. Seeing how she has to please the GP and The PJ I think the last two albums were basically perfect. She won't birth a Roisin Murphy house record anytime soon but she also doesn't think a covers album is fine enough to sell the next Greatest Hits tour.

    I just love Kylie.
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