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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

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  2. Not her literally stepping on confetti.

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  3. Quite surprised I have just found out that Rhythm Of Love, Light Years, X, Body Language didnt get to number one!
  4. She's glowing with success!
  5. She’s so cute. I’m so happy for her, you can see she’s emotional. This is big, especially for the naysayers who are always counting out female artists after they turn 30. I hope she keeps giving us music and #1 albums in the next few years.
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  6. Repeaks for Magic and Say Something on the singles chart:

    53 Kylie Minogue [Magic] 8,157
    56 Kylie Minogue [Say Something] 7,572
  7. I knew Min would come through. What an achievement. I am so happy after all of the hard work over the past few weeks. What a time to be a Kylie stan!
  8. Final album chart:

    1 Kylie Minogue 54,905 51,865 3,040 (13.5k vinyl)
    2 Little Mix 49,887 39,627 10,260
    3 Ariana Grande 11,576
    4 Sam Smith 9,888
    5 Shirley Bassey 8,568
    6 Bruce Springsteen 8,138
    7 Cliff Richard 7,911
    8 Dutchavelli 7,555
    9 Pop Smoke 6,817
    10 Lewis Capaldi 6,111

    The 3,040 number is streaming equivalent sales.
  9. Nearly doubling Golden’s streams two years on - BMG have been the right choice for her, in spades.
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  10. I am beyond proud, excited overjoyed and overwhelmed for her! This really is such an achievement. I can not express how much love I have for her and how she has helped me with her music since becoming a fan from Light Years.
  11. RJF


    3K in streaming is actually... not that bad at all for an act like Kylie, and at several times this week, could have been the decider between her and Little Mix.
  12. Rhythm of Love had the misfortune to come out right about when the SAW backlash and the SexKylie image change happened and Light Years was up against Madonna's Music and I'd presume that the general public weren't quite ready to take the chance on a Kylie album en masse. I wish I'd been a fly on the wall at Parlophone when the midweeks for Body Language and X came in. One of them following on from a massive record and one of them following on from massive goodwill.
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  13. I feel so overwhelmed, I could cry a little bit. So happy for her.
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  14. Fucking deserved.
  15. She must be so happy.

    I'm so happy for her.
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  16. You know it's not just gays buying albums every week right?
  17. Especially when you consider that the streaming lists are gerrymandered just as badly as radio is.
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  18. Kylie Minogue: Studio Album First Week Sales (2000+):
    43,000 Light Years (#2, 2000)
    139,075 Fever (#1, 2001)
    68,866 Body Language (#6, 2003)
    82,370 X (#4, 2007)
    79,152 Aphrodite (#1, 2010)
    29,251 Kiss Me Once (#2, 2014)
    15,881 Kylie Christmas (#12, 2015)
    48,032 Golden (#1, 2018)
    54,905 DISCO (#1, 2020)
  19. Dunno about the rest of you, but after that week I am bloody knackered.

    Absolutely thrilled for Kylie. Well done everybody involved, including BMG. It's been a terrific campaign, with all the bits falling into place at the right moments. The momentum of this last week of promo activity in particular has been brilliant.
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