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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. I am sure some of clips of rehearsals sounded like it was the album version/DaBaby of 'Levitating'.
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  2. I know that we've already discussed Kylie's inclusion in Studio 2054, but Dua has just confirmed it on Instagram and I had to share the graphic.

  3. The blurb mentions bucket hats? Nod to Can’t get you out of my head?

    Studio 2054 is Dua Lipa's kaleidoscopic rocket-fuelled journey through time, space, mirrorballs, roller discos, bucket hats, belting beats, throbbing basslines and an absolute slam dunk of the best of times in global club culture throughout the decades.
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  4. I think that Dua is referring to these hats when she says "bucket hats" rather than literal buckets worn as headwear.

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  5. Ok but want that outfit x

    I hope they don't go with a generic Can't Get You Out of My Head sample and mash up something nice. In Your Eyes / Hallucinate sounds kinda good!
  6. Made in Heaven surging into Get Outta My Way on DISCO TV...Iconic.

  7. It will never stop blowing my mind that what I/we wore in 1990 is also cool in 2020.
    What is time / fashion.
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  8. -Awaits the shellsuit revival-
  9. It’s already happening!
  10. Dua has approx 60 mil followers on social media...this will be great for Kylie and DISCO! Perfect timing.
  11. Not a huge fan of Dua outside of the music but the way she's been able to iterate and expand on the Future Nostalgia album to seemingly include all of pop dance music ever has been masterful. And to include Kylie in that as well? Brilliant.
  12. I love her so much.
  13. A preview of the F9 mix of Say Something, it’s as gay as you’d imagine a Freemason’s mix of a Kylie song in 2020 would sound.

  14. This is so exciting. I'm loving this era.
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  15. I got my Amazon Japan Deluxe last week. Thought my luck was in, getting it early, only to wait for Mr. DHL all morning and then open the parcel to find the standard deluxe with no remixes. They were very helpful and admitted it was their error and refunded. Gonna get it through Amazon UK next month as I have pre-ordred there.
  16. Will we ever be able to stream this or will we be denied our gay rights?
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  17. Finally received my Disco order from Chalkys and both my prints were damaged.
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  18. Looks good!! Yet another highlight of this already amazing era.
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  19. I like that she’s accepted that she’ll always be “Keelie” in France.
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