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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. I asked him to produce Sarah-Lynn's album. He obliged.
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  2. Townsend music having a sale.
    Golden picture disc, Golden live CD/dvd, SBIT 3CD, Golden deluxe, Golden sparkly christmas cassette (£5!)
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  3. So eventually I got my deluxe CD from HMV forwarded to me from the UK, and - as half expected - no signed print, which is a bit embarrassing as I got it as a gift and have been using it for Machiavellian purposes on a daily basis for the last two weeks. Did this happen to anyone else? I suppose there's no point complaining about it...
  4. I think people have said HMV essentially forgot to include it for most people and will then ship it out to people who call them about it? It has been discussed quite a bit, maybe search for posts in the thread that mention HMV? (The discussion was for the vinyls, I think, but I don't see why this would be any different.)
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  5. Decided to listen to Aphrodite then Disco tonight back to back.

    Whew, my WIG.
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  7. Hurrah!!! I adore it. Top 3 of this divine album for me.
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  8. There absolutely is a point complaining about it (not rudely obviously as it’s not the customer service person’s fault). I called and all I had to do was give the order number and it was sorted in less than a minute. Took about a week to get the actual signed print but better late than never (and I did get it).
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  9. I think the bonus tracks are great for what they are but they’re not as distinct as the album tracks and with the exception of Fine Wine, they’re not as carefree and energetic.

    Like, I prefer Till You Love Somebody to one or two of the album tracks but adding it kind of dilutes the album from its relentless joy. Fine Wine is great too but what I love about the current tracklist is how distinct every track is. Maybe Last Chance and DJ are similar but every single other tracks feels like its own thing (which is especially hard considering that tonally, 90% of them are quite similar)
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  10. Hi! Does anybody here received their Glow In The Dark double vinyl yet and can share their thoughts on the sound quality? Thanks.
  11. Rather than a remix album I’d like ‘12 Inches of Disco’, basically extended mixes of all the standard tracks on double vinyl. Would be true to the era it references and would be cheaper than getting in new producers to remix the tracks. Plus all the original tracks are pretty short so would be great to hear some discofied intros, outros and extended breakdowns etc and this would give some of the nice production flourishes a chance to breathe and shine on their own.
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  13. Would Sports Playlist lie?
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  14. We must have lots of their members here.
  15. Disco is at no 10 in the U.K. this week which is pretty impressive with the stacked November release schedule.
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  16. That's a slight recover from the midweek right?
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  17. Did it not start off at like #15? That's pretty decent.
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  18. Three weeks in the top 10 is quite impressive for an album that was predicted to drop like a lead balloon after week 1.
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  19. To be fair it was only about two people in this forum who predicted that. Golden and Step Back In Time had good chart runs. I think what's impressive this time is that it is holding up well against new releases for the Xmas period.
  20. Black Friday vinyl sales should give the album a little boost for the next chart as well as casual interest from the Dua stream. She's clearly shifting focus onto "Real Groove" this week, and there's TV promo lined up if I recall? Even if the album takes a dip over the peak Xmas weeks, it's no big deal if they choose to punch back hard as soon as New Year is past.
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