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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Fabulous news, and now times at least with Step Back In Time for as many weeks in the top 10.
  2. The vinyl is gone from Amazon US but they have the deluxe CD discounted for 10.95.
  3. Especially in Q4 where there are 8 new albums released each week she had to compete against.
  4. Even better indeed.
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  5. One thing I've realised I really love about this album is just how instant most of the songs are, I'm instantly bopping to I Love It within 2 milliseconds.
  6. Kylie throwing herself on the decks at Dua’s gig is an absolute moment. What a fucking Queen.
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  7. I didn’t watch the show but I’m hoping this pops up on YouTube or similar!
  8. What I love is that there is a mix of instants and growers.

    Monday Blues, Til You Love Somebody and Spotlight are my current favourites.
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  9. What a great year to be a Kylie Minogue fan.
  10. Yeah she needs to link up with Dua for a song ASAP. That was the pinnacle moment of my gay career. I can now retire happy x
  11. Kylie, Roisin and now Dua. Career highlights for all three These big streaming pop specials are absolutely the way new eras should be launched, even post pandemic.
  12. I love Dua’s VIP package which included behind the scenes, DJs etc. They should have done something similar with Infinite Disco.
  13. Dua’s budget was clearly astronomical, there were corporate sponsors and all. Technically it was outstanding. Infinite Disco was considerably smaller but benefited from the tighter focus on Kylie, she was pure charisma and stage presence. I think Dua has a way to go before she has that but hey, Kylie honed her craft over decades so if she has the longevity of Minogue Major and based on tonight she’s every chance of getting there.
  14. I seriously can't wait for her to tour again.
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  15. HMD


    I’ve bought tickets for all of them. Also bought the 3 albums (which are amazing start to finish). But, in comparison, Róisín’s show fell extremely flat for me. I was really disappointed.
    Kylie and Dua, on the other hand, killed it.
  16. Me too. An Infinite Disco Tour would probably go down as one of her best.
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  17. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Real Groove really is the one for me. It's giving me similar feelings as In Your Eyes did back in the day. Slightly cooler and less in your face than the previous singles but definitely a moment
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  18. A huge chunk of Dua's extras was behind the scenes, stuff which we already saw bits of in Kylie's social media and which already exists.
  19. Kylie popping up to Studio 2054 after clearing out her KM wine stock is the highlight of 2020.

    We truly don’t deserve her.
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  20. It's fine. Slightly noisier than the double blue marbled version but better than your average picture disc. Thankfully it doesn't sound like someone is frying bacon in the background, like some glow in the dark vinyl does.
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