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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. The Blue Marbled Version is the one!
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  2. 2020 really is Kylie’s year... this vid I posted of the show has gone crazy on Twitter!
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  3. I agree! Now we need that studio version of Real Groove ft. Dua Lipa to seal the deal.
  4. I'm hoping that that's why they haven't released a music video for "Real Groove" yet and that the talks of the Infinite Disco performance being the official video were just put out there to distract us.
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  5. I manifested this:
  6. A brief appearance, but Kylie made the most of it. I know it was probably all choreographed, but I'm just going to pretend she spontaneously decided to get up on the DJ's table at the last minute and serve.
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  7. Damn Kylie...this may be my favorite era since Fever....I loved her and Dua! Real Groove in my opinion has the same hit type of energy as Can't Get You Out of My Head....I love the Infinite Disco video but I really hope she serves us a proper video....this song deserves everything, video..many remixes...the works,
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  8. Real Groove is honestly one of my favourite Kylie songs for years. It's an actual ear worm!! I'd absolutely love for Dua to jump on a single remix and make this an actual hit!
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  9. This is currently my daily go to song!!! It must become a single with an epic video
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  10. I’ve only seen a clip and yes Kylie rocked her short performance..... wonder how they filmed this though as didn’t look like she socially distanced from Dua or the DJ? (I know covid police is too much - I’m just curious as her own Infinite Disco had clear distance from the dancers and backing singers)
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  11. They were probably able to get those tests that come back in half hour and everyone tested negative.
  12. I wouldn't mind some type of Madonna 'Get Together' animation thingy for a Real Grove video, using footage from Infinite Disco, if they didn't want to record something new entirely.
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  13. My friends a tv producer and I’ve asked him about how they are getting around filming. He said they get guidance updates from the government on what is required to allow it.

    So they pay for private testing. Which are turned around much quicker. I think they make people test 2 or 3 times leading up to the shoot and they isolate too.
  14. Kylie & Dua needs to happen on record. Wouldn’t surprise me if Kylie’s next album is one of collaborations with female artists.

    Imagine Kylie+.... Dua, Tove Lo, Diana Ross, Robyn, Raye, Gwen, Emiliana Torinni, Miley, etc.

    Judging by last nights light stream, her and Angéle have great chemistry to - the three girls dancing at the end was such a VIBE.
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  15. Kylie just keeps on giving this era. Real Groove deserves to be given the push too, great song.
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  16. Studio 2054 was fabulous. Kylie was perfect. Great to see her easily stepping up the current pop girls.
  17. I was a bit meh about Real Groove but now I've done a full 180, crazy. Dua remix needs to happen immediately!
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  18. Real Groove with Dua was fantastic

    Did... they turn Kylie’s mic off once Electricity started??
  19. I think she was just singing quietly? I was sure I could hear her.
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