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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. It really is so hard picking favourites.
  2. It sounded like she was whispering her vocals, I think Kylie was intentionally trying to sound more like a back-up singer.
  3. Oh okay.. that makes more sense than Dua and her team doing Kylie dirty

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  4. Yeah I was going to say Kylie is herself a huge fan of Dua, so it's highly likely she purposefully lowered her voice.

    I really hope we get a studio version.
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  5. I think it’s what Dua’s mic is picking up from Kylie. Cause otherwise couldn’t they have just turned up the volume of her mic in post?
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  6. It's a shame that her mic is either off or turned down really low for "Electricity," but it has only further cemented that I need a Kylie × Mark Ronson collaboration, preferably sometime this era.
  7. Mark has said quite a few times he wants to work with her, even recently.

    I’m not sure if it’s a budget issue that she hasn’t branched out to anyone too major since the BMG deal (since she basically foots the bill for the material), but imagining a record of any combination of the people who openly want to work with her (Mark, Kevin Parker, Jessie Ware, Dua, Rina, SG Lewis, The House Gospel Choir) is pretty much fever dream stuff for me and where I’d kill for her to head next.
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  8. I'm still waiting for "Boys Boys Boys" from the X sessions to leak, tbh.

    I am surprised that Kylie and Kevin Parker hasn't happened yet because they are now labelmates, which I guess is a bit different from when she was labelmates with Chris Martin at Parlophone because of the way that the BMG deal works, but I need that to happen immediately as well.

    It's a shame that SG has already announced the tracklist for his debut album, times, because I would've loved if they'd collaborated for his project.
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  9. That is literally the dream album..
  10. Kylie’s work with big-name producers in the past has been average. Pharrell Williams, Saint Etienne, Stephen Bray, the Pet Shop Boys. Not to mention the Red One songs that didn’t even get used. With the exception of Sia with Kiss Me Once is there a Kylie song with a big name that is great?
  11. Too Much with Calvin? I get he wasn't as peak Calvin but he wasn't exactly unknown.

    (Here come the too much haters)
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  12. I hate how Disco is mixed and mastered, it sounds so shrill and metallic. Not just Kylie's vox but also the production which is just... it's OK for it to be uninventive, but everything is so compressed and tinny at times - which can detract from the quality pop on deck and also keeps it from being at company with What's Your Pleasure? and Future Nostalgia. (Say Something is the clear exception here.)
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  13. Too Much and In My Arms are great.

    I think the Calvin Harris experience just proves that she’s best when she works with emerging talent.
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  14. "Falling" and "In Denial" are great though. And Pet Shop Boys didn't produce the former—it was produced by Pete Heller and Terry Farley.

    Also, "Speakerphone" is a classic, if you consider Bloodshy & Avant as big names. As is "Cupid Boy," which was produced by Swedish House Mafia.
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  15. Usually 'emerging' talent give their best material but when they turn into big names, the quality usually isn't there.
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  16. The Heller and Farley production certainly helped Falling. The Pet Shop Boys version of the song was dull.
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  17. I gave it my first listen on headphones in Ultra HD and kept having to turn it down. I find it’s easier on the ears through speakers. And still I bop of course! And yes Say Something is pristine.
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  18. Having listened to it on 24-Bit Hi-Res WAV files, I have to disagree with this completely. 'Monday Blues' and 'Celebrate You' have a tinny sound sometimes but overall this album is infinitely superior in sound quality to Golden.
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  19. That's hardly a difficult bar to pass though.
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