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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. True, but I'd describe Golden as tinny and overly compressed, but Disco does not sound compressed at all in my opinion?
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  2. I’d wager it fairly impossible for her not to create something of note with Mark and/or Kevin at the helm.
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  3. Kylie could do wonders with the likes of Mark, the fact they all seem willing to work with her is a good sign. I just hope she pushes herself out there to actually take them up on their offers. She seems comfortable in her lane, but this isn't some back country b-road, there are other lanes to pick Mini.
  4. Joanne.

    Queen of disco references.
  5. A personal album filled with emotion and pathos - not to mention the Americana and country influences interwoven into the fabric of the record not being worn quite so obviously on the sleeve? Agreed, an excellent example of Mark’s talent.
  6. Kylie has always had a good eye for emerging talent, she turned him into a star.
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  7. For me, the compression on DISCO is definitely a big issue, especially with the Sky Adams tracks. The unholy trinity are Supernova, Last Chance and Where Does The DJ Go in that regard, not only because they are loud songs, but because every little guitar strum is so heavily compressed, it fights to be right at the forefront with all the other instruments. Instead of creating a room for the song to exist in, it's bordering on becoming a wall of noise. Some people might think it's fun, but at times to me it's exhausting to listen to. If for example I play Last Chance after Miss A Thing, I have to readjust the volume.
    I think his songs on Golden do suffer from a similar issue but because the soundscape on there is less crowded in general, it didn't bother me as much.
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  8. The mastering is for sure LOUD. I’m not having the same issues I had with Golden, but there are points here I scramble for the volume button to save my eardrums.

    Still an excellent album, though.
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  9. It’s amusing that after the huge number of variants during release week, the only items left readily on sale are standard cd, cassette and black vinyl, and even the vinyl is sold out on HMV and her website. Amazon are now out of stock of the deluxe.
  10. She's doing pretty well indeed.
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  11. God, this album is just so much fun. It's become my go-to album to throw on when I don't know what I want to listen to and I'm getting my life every single time.

    This is honestly one of her best songs ever. The way it just EXPLODES into a cacophony of synths at the end.

    I've had some criticisms of how Ms. Minogue has approached her career over the last few years but she kinda shut me up nn.
  12. I am manifesting Supernova as a single.

    I’m confident she’ll eventually tour this album later next year so hopefully we get an EP or something in the Spring to keep things going. This album is just gagging for a tour, plop that Infinite Disco video stage in the middle of an arena and have at it in the round like she wants.
  13. Her official store is shipping the 2nd batch of the exclusive sold out deluxe CD next week. Also, there is the Amazon exclusive vinyl shipped this week. Hopefully, this will help to keep her in the charts
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  14. I'm manifesting some TikTok viral shenanigans so that Dance Floor Darling can become a hit.
  15. I think it was ages ago, pre-Golden, but I’m sure Kylie has said she wants to work with Mark Ronson too, I think she said he was on the top of her list.
  16. my favourite track. Just can’t stop listening and can only dream of an extended mix... I hope they have a Disco re-boot planned. Remixed, extended, whatever it is — this has so much more life in it!
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  17. Lemme echo @sexercise I truly haven’t went back to a Kylie album like this since Aphrodite. It’s just a fun time and I wish they explored the sound on Miss a Thing and Real Groove just a tad more, why didn’t she get Teemu to produce a few more tracks? The Sky Adams tracks are much better this go around but I’m curious for more from Teemu.
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  18. Plotting a Space/Cosmic type playlist and damn I’m ascending.

    Kylie - Supernova
    Kylie - Stars
    Kylie - Cupid Boy
    Kylie - Cosmic
    Sophie Ellis Bextor - Supersonic
    Sophie Ellis Bextor - Starlight
    Nick Carter - I’m Taking Off
    The Killers - Spaceman
    Within Temptation - Supernova
    Dannii - Galaxy
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  19. I just hope Kylie and her team see the light and release Real Groove ft Dua Lipa. It could help her boost her streaming figures, get her some album sales and give us a longer album campaign.

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  20. I hate to be this pointed, but, I don't see this happening. I'd love it, but it just seems so unlikely. I know Dua personally loves Kylie because... she has good taste. But, if you were on her team, would you advise perhaps the biggest solo female pop star in the world right now to be a featured vocalist on a Kylie Minogue track... in 2020? A Dua track featuring Kylie (ala Madonna on Levitating) seems more likely at this juncture.
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