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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. I would live if SG Lewis did some production on her next record.
  2. Stranger things have happened. Ariana was on a Kristin Chenoweth album track last year.
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  3. Can SG Lewis become the next album's Sky Adams? Except, y'know, actually good.
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  4. Doing Q4 expenses and I just realized that I put Infinite Disco on the work card.

    Thinking I can justify this as a work from home mental health expense?
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  5. Can you count it as ‘research’? That’s my go-to.
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  6. I’ve come to the conclusion Real Groove may well be my favourite ever Kylie song. Every play reveals something special. It’s just so catchy.... I do hope the song gets the full single push (with or without Dua). To me it sounds like Kylie’s best chance of a proper hit in a very long time.

  7. Wait - yes. We are transitioning in person events to online so I’ll say I was getting a feel for different virtual platforms. Thank you!
  8. The light years / Supernova mix is a MUST on the tour.
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  9. looks like it’s single 3 for sure
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  10. W2K


    It’s a fantastic song. I’m surprised that it’s become one of my favourites from the album because it’s more subtle than I usually like, but it’s such an ear worm.
  11. It's also the most 'modern sounding' out of the DISCO tracks.
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  12. Yes to all of these comments re. Real Groove! I guess since we can now imagine someone like Dua recording it show it could have crossover appeal. I’m generally not a fan of features for the sake of it but if it meant Min smashing the singles charts I’d be happy (plus she’d be in good sonic company)
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  13. Real Groove is number 3 on spotify only behind Santa Baby and Can't Get You Outta My Head...kinda say's it all considering it's not yet been officially released as a single!!
  14. I think most people said it sounded like something Dua would have recorded when first hearing it, right?
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  15. I keep seeing SG Lewis being mentioned and hadn't a clue who that was. Luckily Alexa sees to know so I'm getting an introduction. So much great 'Disco' inspired music around in 2020, when all the 'Discos' are shut.
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  16. I wouldn't be displeased if this were to happen put it that way.
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  17. Worldwide iTunes Album Chart - 2020/11/28
    18 +28 Kylie Minogue - DISCO
  18. Still Standing randomly came on shuffle today from Body Language. It would be such a good deep cut for the Disco tour it would slot effortlessly next to Real Groove or something.

    The whole of Body Language still sounds so fresh. It was ahead of it's time then and it still is now.
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