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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Real Groove will be the 3rd single from the album, I Love It was an instant grat. She needs a new single now to get to Radio 2 and that she can perform on TV to get those Christmas sales.
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  2. I agree, I adore Magic and it was great it was given it's moment. But we need single #3 now.
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  3. Not at all, every 2mths seems on point to me for an album campaign, also these days with streaming another release gives the previous singles a push as well as the album so win win.
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  4. It's 2020 there are no rules, release 8 singles queen.
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  5. It will be interesting to see what happens in the New Year when physical sales evaporate and promo opportunities are limited. With Golden, there was some incentive to keep momentum going because they had a tour and they could snatch a few Christmas sales at the end of the year. Hopefully they have something planned, because this is easily a 5 singles album.
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  6. In all honesty, because of COVID-19, rules are being rewritten. So it all depends on how creative her team can be, and how far her budget (and BMG’s) would go. If there’s a time to take risks (marketing wise), that time is now.
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  7. Honestly, I'd be happy if she just followed the formula that Dua established with Future Nostalgia—five singles, a remix album and a Side B.

    I think that someone mentioned earlier that it could be an cheaper option to release extended edits of Disco as an album and considering what Steve Anderson did with Infinite Disco and every other live arrangement he has created for Kylie, he'd be a great option to lead a project like this for Kylie.
  8. Also I took a break from DISCO of a week or so and it sounds even more joyous and fantastic now?
  9. Glow in the dark vinyl is back in stock on Amazon

  10. pdf


    a 12" with the Lights Years/Supernova mix on one side, Say Something choir version on the other
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  11. Honestly this would be amazing, let me plant that seed into the universe.
  12. Surely a package of Disco + Infinite Disco (DVD and live CD) is a no brainer?
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  13. Less than 600 left. Probably be gone within the next couple of hours.

    Edit - Just 251 left now!
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  14. Disco is holding at no 10 in the midweeks with 4.2k sold.
  15. Why is it saying its 80 quid reduced?

  16. Santa Baby is also back in the single midweeks at no 57.

    Also seems like discussions for the tour are happening and it’s just how they can get in and book venues. I’m expecting late 2021 going into Spring of 2022 and she should definitely throw out a Disco Side B EP if that’s the case to keep some excitement going.
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  18. HMD


    No, because we already know the days of the week (though I like the song). Real Groove is the way to go. Followed by Miss A Thing and Last Chance.
  19. Great to hear and something to look forward too fingers crossed.
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