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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Somebody must've bought one from a reseller for that price!

    The stock for today has sold out, but you can order it as they are getting a few more in on the 9th December.
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  2. 8 left.
  3. 2 now, they must've found a handful.
  4. Mine arrived today and it's super fun! If I hadn't known to look out for glow in the dark discs having surface noise, I'd not have noticed a thing.

    She's glowing!

  5. I did the same thing. Something about coming back to it with familiarity makes it even better.
  6. I could honestly listen to her speak for hours about her recording process. Thanks for posting!
  7. I wonder if they'll do an edible vinyl?
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  9. I know I certainly rank it as my album of 2020.
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  10. pdf


    No 42 in The Guardian's albums of the year

    Kylie Minogue – Disco

    The uber-Kylie album thunders through the genre’s history, from the Voulez-Vous-ing of Last Chance and sly references to Gloria Gaynor and Earth, Wind & Fire to its stylish 90s French touch reincarnation. More than simply disco literate, it is also a wonderfully meta exposition of Kylie’s pop identity, how she has embodied hope and joy and lived in service of the perfect pop song – its own bid for immortality. She had spent a few years off the pulse with try-hard Kiss Me Once (2014) and Nashville-inspired, retirement-tempting Golden (2018). But Disco didn’t just compete with this year’s surprisingly widespread revival of the genre; Kylie’s fantastical dancefloor, one of catharsis and community, resonated precisely with these weird times.
  11. I think I am going slightly mad during lockdown..... I go to bed, my head hits the pillow and all I can think of and hear is songs from DISCO on repeat in my mind. Literally Real Groove, Miss A Thing and Supernova over and over again. I mean, I’ve heard of songs being ear worms but has Min actually infiltrated my mind? Sleep deprivation due to an album. Wow. 2020 is weird.
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  12. Ha, Kylie inflicting your mind? Worse things am sure he he!
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  13. Such a a great interview, really get a sense of how involved she is. Interesting to hear she really didn't expect Say Something to be a favourite of the record company but they loved it and went with it as lead single. Makes me feel (again) what safe hands she is in at BMG, they seem to really get what makes her one of the greats.
  14. Say Something really was the perfect lead single in so many ways.
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  15. This makes me happy.

    Signatures are different each time, isn't that the norm and proof Kylie signed them and not just automated?
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  17. Judging by all the concerts being rescheduled to later half of 2021, I cannot see her touring until early 2022. I am totally up for whatever she decides though!
  18. Once/if touring returns next year, they should definitely try a one off at a venue in London.
  19. 2022
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