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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. She's so sweet.
  2. Apparently there are a small number of signed copies in HMV and Fopp. Gutted no bloody music shops are in my area to see.
  3. There were a few signed copies in Fopp in Covent Garden when I went in this morning, right by the door. Likely all gone now though.
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  4. Am I the only one still waiting for the signed print from Chalkys?
  5. Nope. Haven't got mine either.
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  6. Still waiting on my print as well. My signed CD from Townsend is also still in the wind.
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  7. We love an enduring hit album

    Wednesday Midweek

    6 (10) Disco
    Sales: 7,685
    Sales up by 47% so far (still predicted to be no8 by Friday)
    Sales yesterday were 1,765 (5th biggest seller yesterday)
  8. When was the last time Kylie had an album stick around in the top 10 for this long?
  9. Golden started with a 4 week Top 10 run in the U.K....
  10. The last time an album of hers climbed up while still in the top 10, was Ultimate Kylie and before that Fever.

    Signed copies are definitely being found in stores today and the blue vinyl has been seen in HMV, so if people want those head to the shops.
  11. Cant be far off a gold certification now surely? I can see this out selling Golden... Or is that wishful thinking?
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  12. “Say Something” is officially my number one song on Spotify this year whew!
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  13. I think it depends on how what they decide to do next year. Sales will fall off a cliff once Christmas and New Year is over. With Golden they had a tour to promote and it made sense to carry on the campaign in the lead up to Christmas to get extra sales.

    Depending on how Real Groove does, I think we’ll see a 4th single given to radio 2 in March next year, without a video, and then that might be it. I think it will probably outsell Golden in the long run though.

    Having said that, I think the album has already done what it set out to do - get the no 1 position and that record which led to a lot of positive coverage, have Kylie on lots of shows to further the “Kylie is back” narrative, and set the scene for a tour next year or the year after.
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  14. Clearly, I need to go out more.

  15. ...To a disco! This is what taste looks like
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  16. I'd personally like a 5-single campaign. And it wouldn't be difficult or costly to do.

    We've already got a video for Real Groove which has already got over a million views on Youtube, so I don't think a video is needed for the 3rd single. I'd rather get something visual for single #4 and #5. And by the time of the fourth or fifth single I'd imagine there would be something more concrete with the tour, to hopefully give the album a second wind.
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  17. Went into HMV this morning just after reopening, got a signed CD and the blue vinyl, very happy about that! I imagine they will go fast.
  18. I know she’s doing Jonathan Ross but I’m hoping there’s more activity planned. I think this album could sell a whole lot more if they keep their foot on the pedal in the new year - but right now it’s gone a bit quiet.
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  19. We got 5 singles and 5 music videos from "Golden" so I don't see why we wouldn't get something similar for "Disco", the only hindrance being the capability to film more videos amid pandemic protocols.
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  20. I think if she stays high in the charts she should have a gold certification by Xmas!
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