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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. The promo last night really pushed her in France and they are loving Magic!
    12. Magic (+33)
    71. Real Groove (+283)
    131. Can't Get You Out of My Head
    209. Miss a Thing
    iTunes Albums:
    6. DISCO (+56)
    Apple Music Albums:
    53. DISCO (+40)
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  2. This album has so much potential for a longer campaign. I trust BMG.
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  3. The longer the better.
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  4. There’s absolutely a tour in the works so makes sense to knock a couple more singles out and perhaps a remix project (like Dua did) nearer the tour? She’s BMG’s big earner at the moment so you’d imagine they are going to ride the DISCO train for sometime yet.
  5. Also she should be on 90k by Friday, so gold is looking likely by the end of next week.
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  6. How long did it take for Golden to reach Gold? I get the impression this era is more successful.
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  7. Fantastic sales!
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  8. It took 3 months so whilst week 1 sales were similar DISCO is selling faster. One of the benefits of a Q4 release.... which I don’t believe we have had for a Kylie studio album since X in 2007 (not counting Abbey Road and Kylie Christmas).
  9. Disco feels like her biggest era I've seen as fan to, as I got on board during the Body Language days.
  10. It’s definitely one of her most high profile for a long while. I do think they need to get single 3 out now to capitalise on the success and keep it going through December and January. Waiting could damage the potential longevity. As we know there are no rules now around releases so BMG need to be on the ball and give Real Groove the full single push it deserves and has shown potential for.
  11. Off topic question but do you know if there is a studio version close to the "In your eyes" remix she performed fot Infinite Disco? I really loved that rendition!
  12. The supermarkets seem to be supporting this album so it's possible that the retail stock orders might give Disco a bump to Gold a week before the actual sales threshold.
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  13. BMG are doing a great job with streaming. Parlophone just let her languish on Spotify with no effort.
  14. It is great. There is a fan studio version from Infinite Disco on Soundcloud which is pretty good.

  15. I'll say it again, but Infinite Disco essentially are studio versions in themselves...
  16. I found a YouTube link playing her Infinite Disco show and the sequence of Dance Floor Darling to All the Lovers to Say Something left me defeated yet again.
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  17. I meant a produced track that we can listen to online on streaming platforms for example.

    Thank you @theonlyblake !!
  18. Oh, blimey. I always had it in my head that it was top 10 for like 2 weeks.
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