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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Would be cool to see BMG push 'Real Groove' and then perhaps remix one of the songs on the album (like was done back in the day with Come into My World or The One) for a 4th single. Then follow up with an album re-release with some new tracks/remixes and different artwork.
  2. This era is more impressive than the Golden one because of the time of year and the fact she's in competition (and winning) against artists that have huge streaming numbers and mainstream (ageist) radio support. Kylie is always fighting the stigma of being a pop artist (often viewed as throwaway) and even on this forum some people comment in an almost snobbish way in relation to Kylie.

    In terms of sales and success, like I mentioned earlier it's getting to be up there with Fever. 33 years into her career!

  3. Do we think Infinite Disco will get any type of release? A DVD/Live CD combo could be a nice add-on.
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  4. I received Gay Times today. Good news: the cover looks fantastic in real life and that image is also printed full page inside the magazine with no graffiti treatment. Bad news: there are no other new pictures, just photos from the Disco session we've see already; also despite buying 2x Kylie covers, they sent me one Kylie and one Shea Coulee (I wasn't being greedy, I bought this as a present for a Kylie fan friend so that's useless now)
  5. Hi all, quick question... and I'm not sure if asking for this sort of thing is allowed on here, but I used to have a copy of the All The Lovers Dirtyhands extended mix, and I've bloody lost it somehow. Where the hell would one find it again now? It appears to have gone off youtube due to copyright issues.
  6. What's also kind of amazing about this era is how its laying foundations for the future, significantly building her streaming base and optimising to how music is consumed now. Has any other artist of her magnitude and longevity truly achieved that? The positioning of her both as an artist with heritage but with one foot in the current scene has been done really well on this campaign, although I appreciate she is lucky to find herself right in the middle of a disco/pop revival alongside Dua, Jessie, Roisin, Gaga. That and she is a huge touring artist as well so opening up so many income streams to her. Its a masterclass in campaign management.

    Oh, and the wine, I forgot the wine.
  7. Pictures from the Jonathan Ross performance here, and #RealGroove is used so I assume she’s performing that:
  8. Maybe I’m greedy because what they did for Say Something and Magic but I’d also like to have a 7 inch vinyl for Real Groove as well.
  9. Make it a proper 12” please. DISCO and 12”es are a match made in heaven. It’ll be ironic (did someone say tragic) if this era closes without a 12” release. Truly.
  10. I definitely agree, a deep blue or emerald green would work well alongside the red and the yellow, please.
  11. I concur. A 12” of Real Groove would be an incredible gift. Tap into the disco elements and give us a traditional extended version.
  12. Yes to both, a 7" to continue the run of Disco singles and an extra 12" as a celebratory victory leap!
  13. What an absolute fantastic post and one I couldn't agree with more. She well and truly deserves all the success and praise this era-what an legend and what an album!
  14. They can come after the Club/Infinate/Side B releases if needs be, but a full set of the DISCO singles released to 12" to round off the campaign has to happen too - I'll accept nothing less.
  15. We've been fed visually this era so I'm fine with the lack of new photos. But I'm really keen on knowing more about the album and her music. Is there an interview?
  16. I want them to do something like this - a vinyl with the vintage packaging and artwork with a 12" mix. It would SELL.

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  17. Kylie and BMG have been an incredible team together, and it just continues evolving. Kylie truly knows her fans and is completely on the ball when things are/are not connecting.

    I'll say again, I can't bloody wait for the next tour!
  18. I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised by how well the wine campaign has gone. I think it had the potential to go tacky but the whole thing seems to be quality, it is something that resonates with her fans, it's original and it's been a great talking point during Disco promo.

    I loved the simplicity of Infinite Disco and that it looked like a dancefloor. I'd love that concept to be carried through to a tour.
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  19. She’s still 6 in the midweeks

    Total: 9,444

    Digital: 288
    Streaming: 641
    LP: 2,526
  20. Joel eh? I might need to tune in.
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