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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Well, damn, this is holding up really well and she’s got Johnathan Ross this weekend. Honestly her streaming numbers have been so much better this go around all things considering so on that end BMG has clearly done a better job. I’m sure there’s going to be a few more editions of the album if Golden is anything to go by especially with Christmas coming.
  2. Fab news, be great if she can hold on still.
  3. If she holds on to top 10 next week, it will be her first studio album to spend more than 4 weeks in the top 10 since Fever, and only her 4th overall (joining Kylie and Enjoy Yourself).

    It’s odd to be considering Kylie a major Q4 force with a studio album for the first time in nearly 20 years. Her albums have generally sold well, but usually over a longer time at lower chart positions.
  4. It's just wonderful to see. Really is.
  5. The way this is holding up and even rising within the top 10 is so odd but so nice to see.

    Now all we need is for Kylie to film a video for Supernova. Make it super camp, space themed and get Joel Dommett as her buff spaceman/alien love interest.
  6. Joel Dommett?! What a random choice!
  7. He's on with her on Jonathan Ross. A weak reason but I'm desperate.
  8. Contacted Chalkys and they got back to me to say they’re sending out new prints. They didn’t mention if they’d be signed or not but I doubt it.
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  9. Signed by Chalkie Minogue.
  10. Not this validating my initial concern on release week that seemingly every outlet had hundreds if not thousands of 'signed' prints just lying around
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  11. I don't know why not both, whatever they print it will sell. Give her a top 20 hit.
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  12. She could release a 7" with Real Groove/ live version on the b side. 12"/CD/Download 4 track disco infinity ep with Real groove/Slow/ All the lovers/Say something. Take the gays money, Min!
  13. Santa Baby has now been streamed 100m times on Spotify, her second song to pass the 100m mark.
  14. I'm sure BMG noticed the effect the physical versions of 'Say Something' and 'Magic' had on their chart placements. 'Real Groove' should hopefully get all formats.
  15. Looking forward to Jonathan Ross, vocally she is on fire this era
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  16. I’m sure there’ll be a physical for Real Groove but I get the impression they’re not interested in the singles charts.

    The physicals for Magic and Say Something sold out weeks before they impacted on the charts. They could have kept on taking orders if they wanted a higher singles chart position.

    I’d imagine the campaign is going to be a physical for the fans but a focus on promoting album purchases for the general public.
  17. Some pics from the Jonathan Ross performance:
    BB797336-B162-426F-AA4E-FB1B638C33FB.jpeg F6B8F061-4FED-4A01-AFB4-73E05AB35627.jpeg 129C6944-A368-4630-A33D-EF978C822126.jpeg
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  18. She looks incredible. Holy yowza.
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  19. She looks gorgeous. I can’t wait to see the performance tomorrow now.
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