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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Whoever is doing the styling for this era has been on it.
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  2. It's been a mix of Christian Vermaak, Frank Strachan and Harry Lambert.
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  3. And Matthew Josephs, who styles FKA Twigs. I agree though, the styling has been absolutely on point on her this era. There was a moment in time during Aphrodite where it veered too deep into Housewives territory for me. Generally, this is a great look for a musical artist of her age, creative, interesting and appropriate.
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  4. Her worst era, in terms of styling, was Kiss Me Once. There were a plethora of PVC looks that felt dated even back in 2014.
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  5. Yes, great styling this era. Though not sure about that black number from Jonathan Ross. Hard to tell from one pic, but it's going a bit Moira Rose for me.
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  6. Oh and the outfits on that tour... it was awful... the worst

    upload_2020-12-4_7-52-23.jpeg [​IMG]

    Just...... no
  7. The last two are fine. The first two. Vomit.
  8. Never want to say anything negative about her but a video from the Maida Vale performance popped up the other day and everything about it was wrong. The styling, the hair, her energy... It looked like she didn't want to be there. I'm so glad that she looks much happier now.
  9. Ddd the first one is a camp mess, and I’m kind of living.
  10. The Kiss Me Once Tour had really good song arrangements, and the “Breathe” introduction was brilliant, but the costumes are horrific and the show seems to lack much of a concept.
  11. You forget this:

  12. In hindsight, knowing what we know now, there’s something deeply melancholic about the era, defined by disappointments and missteps, betrayed by the occasional sparks of brilliance hinting at what it could’ve been. But it also shows what a comeback she has staged.
  13. I saw Kylie twice on the Kiss Me Once tour. The atmosphere in Manchester was horrible and we were surrounded by people who talked (and bickered with each other) the whole time.

    But the atmosphere in Newcastle was (magnetic) electric. Photos from that era might look incriminating but Kylie sold it (all of it) in that way only Kylie can (wardrobe sourced from Primark and Ann Summers? Werk!).

    An uncomfortable truth I’ve had to make peace with is that most people like basic. And Kylie gets that. That’s why Kids is wheeled out on every tour like a blood sacrifice to appease the gods! 90% of people who buy tickets to see Kylie want to hear the same 20 songs on every tour. “Deep cuts” die a death in an arena (Breathe in Newcastle on the Golden tour still gives me panic attacks). Big concepts scare people.

    The Kiss Me Once tour was Kylie in damage limitation mode.

    Edit: And that’s how you get number ones over 5 consecutive decades.
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  14. I mean, I think she looks incredible here. She could be in her 20's. I have perhaps fonder memories of the KMO tour than most.
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  15. I think that is a very accurate summarisation of the KMO tour and era. The fact that she managed to salvage a decent tour out of it is testament to her determination and professionalism. Also, I remember reading somewhere how she has generally much more oversight on live tours so perhaps that's why, less interference and trust in her and her chosen collaborators in that space.

    Since signing with BMG she is clearly much more creatively engaged across the board and its paying off, she seems to be growing in confidence record by record. Disco's massive commercial success, with her having writing and production credits across the whole thing makes me very excited about what she does next. She seems in an enviable position (a bit like post Fever) when she has her pick of people to work with and directions she could go in. I guess that gave us Body Language last time but I love that record so...

    And the inevitable Disco tour is going to be a career high point, I can feel it.

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  16. Disco is at No. 7 in the UK album charts. Great achievement.
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  17. Little Mix leapt over her with their streaming then?

    Well, we can confirm now then that (already) this is her most successful era since Ultimate Kylie and Fever, as they were the last albums of hers to climb up the chart while still in the top 10! HUGE
  18. Bauhaus and Dollhouse costumes where on point imo.

    That photo on its own is a bit out of context. The Dollhouse segment was an 80s medley that started ridiculously kitschy and cutesy and got skimpier and skimpier (exactly like Kylie’s PWL years). Thematically it made sense.

    Also, yay for top 7!!
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  19. Something the Kiss Me Once Tour really excels in for me is the tour versions of 2000s songs... I mean, the Bauhaus act is banger after banger, all in great arrangements.
    I love the black/grey outfit in the last act but it would have been better without the headpiece.
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  20. I'd love to know what happened during the construction phase of that black and silver outfit from Kiss Me Once tour because the Gaultier sketch was a lot of streamlined and simple
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