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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Agreed, the Light Years/Fever/Body Language release times were perfect so that means we are due another in 2022 with a rerelease of DISCO next year added tracks or just one long mix like Confessions.
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  2. Agreed and yes it's like another world here.
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  3. Is it greedy of me that I hope we only have to go less than two years until the next album? Yes? It is greedy? Oh well!
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  4. I mean, Kylie isn't as young as she once was, I really do not want to see her getting so overworked that she becomes ill just because fans demand she tours and releases albums every 18 months or so.
  5. I don't see touring returning soon so I'm guessing more albums is the way to go.
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  6. I think another album late next year and tour in 2022 to support both would be ideal at this stage. I know that would mean a reduction in the classics and maybe less from each album but to stage a full scale tour in 2021 will be difficult with so many venues backed up with postponed bookings from this year.
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  7. My signed deluxe edition from Chalkys still has not arrived. It's been 1 month so...
  8. Would happily have a new album that soon!
  9. Any full videos of her and Delta duet surfaced yet?

    They sang When You Wish Upon A Star
  10. I want this as a single immediately! This pretty much looks like a music video.
  11. W2K


    Beautiful stuff.
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  12. Same here. I emailed customer service and they assured me it was sent the same day I ordered. I got told to wait another 10 days and then if it hasn't arrived, they'd sort something out.
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  13. A reissue of Disco would be great if there are some additional tracks that are worth including but I don’t think it’s a dead cert we’ll get one because Golden wasn’t reissued.
  14. Is the only legal way to watch Infinite Disco the next...”showing” on 12/31?
  15. A DISCO re-issue with new tracks feels like a logical way to bridge the gap between the album and tour. And a good way to keep the era active. Her new label seems generous with physical releases and we got a Step Back In Time re-issue so I'm hopeful it could happen.
  16. They won't plan a tour for one leg / territory of 10 dates anyway.
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  17. Agreed. The economics of playing one Australian leg without the rest of the dates guaranteed to take place wouldn't be favourable.
  18. Listening to the standard CD of Disco at the moment, which I only really bought for the signed print. It is the first time I have listened to it without the 4 bonus deluxe tracks, and this really does feel like an incredibly strong album even without them too.
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