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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Probably because disco is popular. If the song is as good as Robbie says it is then it seems like a no brainer to release it as part of a Disco re-release.

    “It's a big disco extravaganza ... I have a cunning plan and that song is placed in my back pocket ready to be deployed at the right time - and it will see the light. It's a cracker and I get to sing with Kylie Minogue again."
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  2. SO glad got the Real Groove 7"! My favourite Kylie single artwork since Dancing.
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  3. Cannot believe I missed it, already sold out!
  4. This is ridicolus, I wanted to buy it now and it's already sold out? It's not even numbered.
  5. The threat that is Robbie Williams...

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  6. Billboard Hot Dance Electronic Songs
    15. (37) Real Groove - Kylie x Dua
    36. (46) Magic

    Billboard Top Dance Electronic Albums
    24. (re) Disco - 5 weeks

    Billboard Electronic Digital Songs Sales
    22. (re) Magic
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  7. Deja vu.

    They'll put more on sale just like they did with Say Something and Magic.
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  8. One more to go, K!
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  9. Yeah, more will come. They usually keep a few hundred aside.
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  10. I wonder how many Oz fans like myself missed out on the Real Groove 7" since it came out when we were asleep here...
  11. To be fair the album has already ticked that blue vinyl box.
  12. HMD


    I managed to get one... but I don’t get how they are already out of stock. These are plain easy sales, why miss them?
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  13. Uno


    Some people buy in bulk and then re-sell for triple the price.
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  14. Scalpers have already got them on eBay for £60 so that'll be it.
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  15. They did limit quantities, you could only buy 2 of this
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  16. True! But I want the primary colors on the 7".

    I'd accept a pink "Miss a Thing" too.
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  17. Robbie is supposed to have a new album out later this year so the Kylie duet might be included on that rather than a disco reissue!
  18. I think a pink Dancefloor Darling 7", an orange Supernova 7" and a purple Miss a Thing 7" are absolutely necessary now
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  19. Agree thou I would like Where Does the DJ Go? in a rainbow color.
  20. Monday Blues on Chromatica semen plz
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