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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. I remember they submitted the track too late for X which had already been delayed due to her being in the doctor who xmas special.
    GA were smashing it with song for Mutya at the time & I was fizzing at the slit to hear the track. Easy to big up a song that will never get heard though!
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  2. Gutted I didn’t get real groove 7” too.
    Got both of the others.
    Happy to get into trouble with work by just refreshing The Kylie Store page 16 hours a day as long as I get one Haha
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  3. I just contacted the kylie store to increase the numbers of real groove.
    Proper pleaded with them.
    Any who missed out should do the same, solidarity! :)
  4. I wonder if any of the stuff they did with Kylie ended up on their Black Light album? Kylie singing something like I Wont Kneel gives me chills (in a good way).
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  5. Honestly, I'm still not over Say Something. What a complete and utter triumph.

    This performance sealed the deal for it being one of my favourite ever Kylie singles:

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  6. Made me shed a tear or two that performance. Stunning.
  7. The tracks produced by Groove Armada were called Again And Again and (cough! cough!) Shamelessly Sexual. Both cowritten by Karen Poole!
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  8. I always think that if it was good we would have heard it. The fact that they haven't pitched it to anyone else despite saying how good it is speaks volumes.

    Kylie's best songs aren't with people who are big names and I doubt there are lost classics from her work with Timbaland, Redone etc in the vault. The classic Kylie song that got away was Toxic.
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  9. Bish...
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  10. pdf


    What's the likelihood of getting a downloadable/ownable copy of Infinite Disco? Will Kylie do this?
  11. Ideally, a re-release of Disco would feature a few new songs and a DVD of Infinite Disco.
  12. She's 4K now.
  13. I'm glad BMG have reduced this down to 4.99 on Amazon and HMV, all the other big albums shot their load going that low after Christmas, but hopefully DISCO should get a good boost now.
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  14. Yes please to this.
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  15. I'd imagine we'd get a re-release with the Infinite Disco performances later in the year as its still early days.

    I want a studio version of that In Your Eyes mix.
  16. Comes pretty close:
  17. Fab work this.
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  18. SBK


    Me every time I listen to this.

    I wish she'd got to perform with the choir on TV. The nation is missing out.
  19. Infinite Disco essentially is a studio mix in itself though...
  20. But that’s not available to buy.
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