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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. And the lyrics about flying to the sky and letting Madonna be your guide.
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  2. A request for the talented mash-up makers amongst us. I have two ideas which may or may not work.

    • Supernova x Dannii’s Begin to Spin Me Around mix (the cowbell made me think it might work)
    • Say Something x Green Light - Lorde (my boyfriend sings “I’m waiting for it, that green light etc” after the bridge bit “I’m thinking bout you-oooooh”)
    Dunno if they’ll work in reality but they have potential in my head.
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  3. Not sure if you saw the playlist but the Chromeo remix of 'Green Light' was added this week too. Maybe you sensed something? ha!
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  4. Traveling, Traveling....
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  5. Now I need Kylie to collaborate with Chromeo. I've been listening to this bop again recently.

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  6. Weirdly, Magic does seem to be sticking around a bit. It’s been consistently getting 75 - 100k daily streams on Spotify, will overtake Say Something on YouTube soon and is doing well on French and Belgian radio (top 30). Obviously this all needs to be viewed through the lens of Kylie being a heritage artist, so radio play outside Radio 2 is difficult to get, particularly in Europe, and streaming is never going to be massive - but her numbers are way above most other acts in her situation.
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  7. Yes please be good

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  8. Tracklisting
    1. Real Groove
    2. Real Groove (Studio 2054 Remix)
    3. Real Groove (Cheap Cuts Remix)
    4. Real Groove (Claus Neonors Remix)
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  9. I like his bio describing his style "NU Disco fetish". I can see it fitting well with Kylie's Disco.

    I'm glad to be hearing some remixes. I thought they weren't really doing it this era with club etc. closed.
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  11. Not loving that Slow remix -- feels a bit generic to me. But...

    Love the sound of this. So, very intrigued to hear his/their remix of Real Groove!
  12. Not gonna lie, find alot of Kylie remixes to be terrible, but will of course keep an open mind and listen to this! Nice to have something else this era too.
  13. Body Language era had some out of this world remixes.
    Ugh what an album, still.

    Let me check out the Real Groove mixes. Dua Lipa did in my opinion add something, although the general consensus might be different.
  14. I’ve fully decided that my favourite song from this album is I Love It.

    Those horns!
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  15. Her vocals on this one are amazing too!
  16. Agreed. So smooth and subtle.
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  17. Probably me!! haha. I still play this song a lot and gets a 'skip back' when it finishes on the album...even now.

    For me it's up there with Love At First Sight for my favourite song from her!
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  18. MAGIC rises to #30 (new peak) on the French Airplay Chart.
    13th week in the chart.
  19. Magic, really is just that for me. Disco is already one of my favourite Kylie singles runs.
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