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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. It's right up there, for sure. The horns could be amazing live.
  2. Here in Toronto, I was picking up groceries the other night. When I went to self-checkout, Real Groove (album version) started playing. Damn, it sounds SO good on a loudspeaker (even in a grocery store).
  3. Yes, I really want Dance Floor Darling next especially!
  4. Yes to all of this!
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  5. Still hope for a Real Groove music video!
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  6. I'm still waiting for the release of the music video that was already supposedly shot.
  7. That's what I mean, I thought they had already done one??
  8. W2K


    I think @elektroxx means the video for another song that’s supposedly been shot.
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  9. If I remember correctly, the person who mentioned that a music video had been filmed specifically stated that it was not for "Real Groove."
  10. Ah ok, wonder if that music video will ever see the light of day then.
  11. Why is Real Groove not a #1 smash world wide right about now? It’s the most commercial single from Kylie in a very long time! (I know I know streaming ruined her singles run etc etc).... I just can’t get enough of this song! Look forward to the mixes tomorrow!
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  12. These remixes should have been the blueprint for the album. It has that modern Disco vibes that she should have been aiming for, rather than being so on the nose.
  13. Aside from the lack of streaming and radio support, it's only received one televised live performance and it doesn't have a music video.

    Also, Dua was underutilised on the Studio 2054 remix, which probably was its best chance of being a hit.
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  14. Say Something, Real Groove, Miss A Thing come off as very modern for me. Nothing on the nose.

    The only song that sounds the most retro is Last Chance and that is great.
  15. I don't think she was even going for a "modern" vibe, what I took away from interviews is that she intended the album as a tribute to her heroes from ABBA to Donna Summer.
  16. I’d imagine it would when it’s time for the 4th single. No point in dropping it now when we have Real Groove remixes this week.
    Real Groove (Studio 2054) - 4.040,574 (+114,858)
    Well since the vinyl isn't out til April I'd say there is a point, besides this song is too good to not have an official video, maybe she's gonna film here in Oz.
  18. I still don't understand why a music video for "Real Groove" wasn't filmed earlier, especially because a non-"Real Groove" music video has already been filmed. Why would you opt to film a music video for the next next single instead of one for the next single?
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