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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Real Groove is nice, but Miss a Thing is THE one. Must be a single at some point, no?
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  2. Not a bad couple of remixes these, in fact, Kylie's best for a long time for me.
  3. I really enjoyed these remixes! The Cheap Cuts remix would be a good moment on the tour.
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  4. Real Groove is working out to be one of her best singles all around for me. Now we just need an music video to cap it all off!
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  5. Both new mixes are sick. A remix album for Disco is a must, a handful of the ones we got so far have really elevated the tracks.
  6. The Cheap Cuts mix is great and the other one is fine but now this is out I’d like a video or move onto the next single so we get something new visually.
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  7. I haven't been a Kylie remix fan for a while.

    A lot of the time they seem to be try hard.

    This however is stunning.

  8. These remixes are fine, but I would've preferred if they'd used that budget for a "Real Groove" music video instead.
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  9. We nearly went an entire page of the thread without you mentioning it there.
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  10. SBK


    I doubt whatever they charged for the mixes would stretch to a decent video.
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  11. Love the Cheap Cuts remix. I wouldn't mind if they were brought in to remix other Disco songs. I'd love a remix album for the album.

    Miss A Thing is great and I think it would be a great single. Although after a string of mid-tempo singles I think they need to do something different. Maybe it can close off the campaign as the last single.
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  12. Last Chance followed by Miss a Thing would be amazing.
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  13. Miss a Thing is the obvious next single to me, and it will most likely be the final one I think
  14. HMD


    The remixes are inusually good. A nice surprise.

    When I played Miss A Thing for the first time I was like: ‘Why hasn’t this been a single!?!?!?! It’s the best thing on Disco!’. Real Groove didn’t hit me as instantly, but has become my most played album track. Somehow, I still can’t decide which one is better.
  15. I think that to but I think its probably too similar in style to Magic, and I do think Magic is the stronger single because its chorus is quite memorable.
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  16. Supernova next with an orange 7", then Miss a Thing on a purple 7" and then Dance Floor Darling last with a pink 7". On top of that I think Disco needs a full remix album, hell I'd be happy with 12 extended mixes thrown onto a disc
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  17. I want Dance Floor Darling next!
  18. Best song on the album by a country mile! I need a video, coloured vinyl and remix EP.
  19. Perfect taste!
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