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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. The fact that I could actually be screeching along to DISCO for pre-drinks on June 21st...a concept most pleasing to me.
  2. I'd imagine her team are looking closely at how the pandemic evolves to plan their next moves. I want to hear Disco is a live setting with people. I wonder if club shows similar to what she did with the Golden album launch would be possible this year or just wishful thinking.
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  3. I started to think the album campaign may be largely over and she was just going to have several quiet months with her family in Australia, but I know y'all have sources saying there's already another video in the can, so I'll wait [im]patiently.
  4. Real Groove has been added to France Bleu's playlist, which is the 5th largest radio station of the country and also has regional station subsidiaries hopefully this is an indication we will be getting the video and another remix ep...I think we will see traction again in March...I also think that April 30 date is for a reason and not just because of when the vinyl manufacturer could have them ready but time will tell.
    I think BMG seem to have a plan for 2021.
  5. Act III of my Infinite Disco World Tour Concept is up!

  6. My favourite track from the album is now tied neck and neck between Dancefloor Darling and Miss a Thing.

    Something about MAT is just so... sexy. I would kill for an extended version. I want to dance to it in a club, under a glitter ball, smoke machine at 100%!
  7. W2K


    The fact that Miss a Thing fades out makes me physically sick but otherwise it’s a 10/10 for me.
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  8. Miss A Thing came on my shuffle the other day. And it really is THAT bop. Those instrumentals and those vocals. An extended is must for that one.

    But I still can't give my favourite to Disco.

    It's a flawless album. It's so hard to rank the tracks.

    Last Chance also came on suffle and my god (just like a lot of Abba's songs) Kylie's vocal stamina is amazing. Hardly any chances for breath (Abba's Angeleyes is the same)
  9. I'm so fucking excited at the thought we could genuinely get a DISCO tour early next year!
  10. Same! Has to finally happen by then surely??!
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  11. Wondering... if a re release or super deluxe happens will it include Infinite Disco?
  12. Fade outs are awesome, though...
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  13. I think there was a period that they were overdone. It fits on Miss A Thing though.
  14. It depends on the song. I'm more of a cold ending kinda guy. But it does work on both Miss A Thing and Celebrate You.
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  15. Agreed.
  16. I love fade outs too, it's like when in a film credits roll over the footage, and you feel like the story doesn’t end but continues to go on, even if you don't get to see it

    ps: I also love Miss-A-Thing, my favourite song off the album, besides Say Something
  17. as a fan from 1988, I was very lucky to enjoy every era, im surprised theres been no anouncement of the next single ?, maybe shes filmed the video and there waiting for remixes to be finalized ect, i know its very quite and I know theres covid - but even for Kylie is quite (aprt from the behind the scenes bits n bobs)
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  18. Hopefully we will hear more soon.
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  19. W2K


    I hate them so much.
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