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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. I hope she brings back 'What Do I Have To Do' on the next tour, in it's original form.
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  2. Or 'Rita, Sue & Bob Too'
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  3. 5 syllables.

    It's too much!!
  4. Shame, it would have been perfect.
  5. Α euphoric pop rush.
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  6. That is not how rhythm works!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fair enough y'all, but the idea that Miss Minogue was devoutly following music-theory on an album with some of these lyrics, melodies and choruses...
  7. I think the only tour she’s performed it in its original form was the Let’s Get To It tour (Rhythm of Love tour in Oz)?
  8. I'd love an Italo disco section, and that PWL material would fit so well with it.
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  9. a 70s Disco version of "I should be so lucky" would be amazing.
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  10. Both Showgirls and Summer 2019 are also more or less the album version/7" mix.
    I also hope she'll perform it in full on the next tour.
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  11. Yeah. She's performed different incarnations on subsequent tours, the closest to the original was during the "Everything Taboo" medley for the Showgirl tours. But the full original version, never.
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  13. I'm glad she got to spend some time with him while she was in Oz, he was like a second father to her.
  14. This is insane to think about, especially considering that before Golden her last UK #1 album was almost a decade prior. It's pretty clear that we're in Kylie's third imperial phase.
  15. Interesting to hear the streaming numbers increase. And great Kylie has achieved 3 no.1 albums in a row (a first for her I believe), but as much as Parlophone were poor in the last few campaigns The Abbey Road Sessions went gold and hit #2, Kiss Me Once went silver (and I believe is nearing Gold status) and also hit #2 on the back of just 2 singles and Kylie Christmas despite missing the Top 10 did very well for a festive album going gold so in terms of actual sales she has actually been pretty consistent over the past decade.

    Whilst it would be lovely to see a Platinum award for Disco, realistically very few actually achieve that status these days. Great to hear there are plans to maintain the album for the year ahead.
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  16. Disco has almost the same amount of streams as Golden now (on Global Spotify) and Golden has the benefit of the Stop Me from Falling ft Gente De Zona tagged at the end. If we add Dua's remix of Real Groove Disco has had more streams in total.
    Disco Total streams as of yesterday: 68,353,012 (75,747,598 if you include Dua remix)
    Golden Total streams as of yesterday: 69,423,362
    An amazing improvement considering Say Something was released mid last year and Disco came out only 4 months ago.

    (Thanks to SayHey user 9481 for the above stats)
  17. I'm excited that they plan to keep the Disco campaign going for the remainder of the year. Could we then be talking about 3 possible singles? To then keep momentum for a 2022 tour?
  18. If all goes well, could a UK and Australia tour be on the cards for later in the year perhaps?
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