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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Yep. Playing now
  2. Our house prefers the album version, single remix sounded tinny on the radio?
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  3. I can barely tell the difference
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  4. I love hearing it on the radio!
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  5. Can't be long now until she announces it as the single surely??
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  6. Talent stanning talent

  7. Suddenly, "Spotlight (feat. Jade Twirlwall)" doesn't seem like such a ridiculous concept.
  8. Disappointed it seems to have gone cold on this album - no sign of any rereleases or anything. Even the single is been sent to radio without Kylie mentioning it once. Seems strange not to keep things moving.
  9. It’s natural to have a moment inbetween singles.
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  10. I don't know it if makes a difference, but Steps are with BMG too and they have had their big news this week with an new album and new music video, So could be that they are just focusing there before Kylie again. Could well be wrong but just a theory.
  11. Kylie's just having a break, let her rest a bit guys.
  12. Exact!

    I heard it's her Dad's 80th soon so she must be staying in Melbourne for that.
  13. As I doubt we will get an official Initial Talk Remix this time, here's the next best thing

  14. Fabulous, it's like you read my mind
  15. Do you guys think the single edit of Dance Floor Darlin will be released next week?
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  16. What a brilliant mix, are they a member on here?
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  17. Possibly but why has the green vinyl 7" of Real Groove not even been released/dispatched - and we are already talking about single #4.
    Am I the only one scratching their head.
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  18. The preorders are the release when it comes to vinyl.
  19. I think it's fair to say that Dance Floor Darling is now the next single despite no official word from the lady herself, we have a new radio edit/single mix after all. As for the release of Real Groove, think that's to do with length of how long it is to make and distribute vinyl now days.
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  20. I’m a bit confused too, but Real Groove already saw its online release... so I don’t really know what to think.

    Overall I just want to workout while properly jamming to Dance Floor Darling’s single edit. I’m so happy it’s the next single. It should have been the lead imo.
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