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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. New tracks, extended remixes etc?! Exciting, and also makes me relieved my Anti Rate has been postponed for the time being.
  2. I really hope the new tracks don't just feel like samey bonus tracks tacked on at the end. I hope they add a new layer to what the album sounds like because the original album communicated its sound successfully and completely. In a perfect world we would get a couple lengthier tracks with extended instrumentals.
  3. Let's pray for a new cover!
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  4. Watch it to be the same but in more green or something.
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  5. A new photo shoot

    18D0D2E6-4984-428F-A9AF-812FC702E8D6.jpeg 48414DB9-4BE3-41C5-8415-D8B2A80A1D8C.jpeg 11919D8D-BF5B-468D-BADD-4B51D37A8723.jpeg
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  6. We must manifest this.
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  7. I still never get what was personally so wrong about the album cover to be honest, but of course each to their own!
  8. I mean since this is a different edition of the album I do hope there is an alternate cover, the original one has grown on me though but there were better shots from that portion of the photoshoot which I hope they use.

    So now the expanded edition has been confirmed I’d like to go back to the convo before hand and say at most we should expect a new single and video from the new tracks added and that will probably be it. Dance Floor Darling is indeed gonna wrap this current edition up.
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  9. I don't care about the album cover because I switched out the "Glenn Close in fatal attractions after a drugged out party" cover for this masterpiece as soon as I added the album to my music library.

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  10. Of course there will be a new cover, how else will they sell this again to her 900 gays?
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  11. Yes, and shouldn't be too long now until she has says something officially about that either.
  12. Well... She could change the text colour on the front coupled with a new vinyl colour, and people would still buy it (See: Blue and Turquoise editions)
    I don't think this will be as formatted. Probably one CD version, a couple LP editions (black and probably a colour edition, maybe a picture disc), and likely a cassette or two... or three....

    I think she's going to come out of nowhere an announce it soon, seeing as it's looking like that will be the single to segue into the expanded edition

    Not to go all wild with my theories and clues again, but I noticed on Sunday there was suddenly a rush of Kylie-related stuff (The same day she posted the Say Something gif on twitter). Various new articles, a video of her being cute about tea, and then stuff from the magazine where she revealed the info about the repack started appearing as well. I don't think it's a coincidence considering now the info is out about the repack

    I feel like this week is her getting back into the swing of the campaign, which is exciting. I think it's also exciting that she has again set up her own studio. She's for sure been working away these past months. She's really doing all this because she wants to, which I think is incredible
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  13. It's getting very


    in here.
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  14. Good for you. I'm sure you'll return with one of the many other profiles you have. You know, the ones following this account.
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  15. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Well that was short lived.
  16. The Kyspiricy claims another victim.

    Edit: did BMG silence him because he was getting too close to the truth?
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  17. Nice job guys, another insider gone.
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  18. I mean we all knew a reissue in some form was coming? It’s been hinted at from “insiders” for a while now, Jessie Ware talked about going into the studio to do some writing with her, Kylie herself said in interviews when she was doing album launch press that she was already thinking about returning to the studio as early as the end of last year, and really what else can an artist who really does “eras” like Kylie can do in the age of COVID to keep a campaign rolling without a tour?

    We don’t need to be counting emojis in Twitter posts lol

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  20. Do we think they’ll start announcing things around the time she’s on Drag Race Down Under?

    (She has to be making an appearance on it right? Right?!)
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