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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. This thread is always such a scream.
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  2. She's also got a new bottle of wine and has recently sold her millionth bottle.

    I get the impression the repack is still a bit of time off. Interesting that Sky Adams recent Insta posts are of new equipment for his home studio, and Kylie also mentioned setting up her home studio in Melbourne.

    I'm sure there will be some sort of Kylie involvement but I doubt they would schedule a campaign based on Drag Race as guests are booked so far in advance,
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  3. *sigh* I missed all the tea again.
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  4. Sky? With all the Sky tracks on Disco, I was hoping she branched out a little for the rerelease. I hope she calls on Biffco.
  5. Yes, we really don't need any more Sky tracks, tbh. We already have an album's worth and they were among the weaker material on the album, imo.
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  6. More Biff and Teemu Brunila please x
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  7. It’d make sense to reboot DISCO around the time of a tour announcement? I’m assuming Kylie will want to tour DISCO and touring a 2 year old album would be a bit eccentric?

    Kylie looks dressed to hawk a sideline in the (gorgeous) new photos? I equate rhinestones, feathers, satin, beige, peach and grey with side projects.
  8. The C word? In the Kylie Minogue thread???

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  9. There is always some bollocks going on in here, I didn't even see what happened last night and I was reading the damn thread! Ironic one of the nicest pop stars on the planet has some of the worst fans.
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  10. Why are her fans still using scanners.
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  11. Yes, Kylie and Biffco make a great fit I think.
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  12. Not really as pretty much most acts will be touring albums 2 years old!

    Part of me thinks the tour won't be as Disco heavy as it would have been as I think the consensus will be 'we've had a shit 2 years let's do tons of hits so everyone has a ball!'
  13. Alas given the way things are still going, they will.
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  14. I disagree. Disco is a lot more diverse than people give it credit for and there is a broad soundscape to incorporate in while still being disco. A huge chunk of her PWL stuff is inspired by Italo Disco synth.

    Seems to be pretty commonplace with other music stars. This 'stan' culture especially with female singers and a feeling over ownership over them is quite disturbing.
  15. She looks like she's been caught out!
    Screen Shot 2021-04-14 at 16.32.56.png
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  16. Uno


    I was having flashbacks to the Wandavision thread with all these damn conspiracies.

    Counting emojis? Really?
  17. Who knows.
    Season 13 of the American version has a lot of Covid guests.
    Kylie could have filmed something in Melbourne, Drag Race was filmed in Auckland, NZ.
  18. My only concern about DISCO2 is if Kylie is using songs that were rejected for DISCO1.

    I mean Fine Wine is a decent song, but the other 3 bonus songs are not great (in my humble opinion).

    I hope Kylie is going back to the drawing board with songs, and I also hope Kylie explores some new avenues of disco music. Troye Sivan is also in Melbourne. Why not work with him? She sang his song last year. It looks like the Jessie Ware/Kylie collaboration will be on Kylie's repackage, as it's not on Jessie's repackage.

    Scoffs and laughs!
    I mean if Kylie Christmas got 2 covers, why wouldn't DISCO1 and DISCO2 have different covers?
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  19. The people who take it a personal insult when you aren't as precious about their faves as they are. I actually quite enjoy commenting with competely objective comments in conversations that are peppered with "stan" language just to see which stan takes the bait.
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