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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. I think people just need to relax and lighten up. I have real-life friends who only like Madonna or only like Kylie and we always throw sh*t on each other.

    It's all good fun!

    I like Madonna & Kylie equally which I am told is quite a rare combination, which I also find kinda bizarre.
  2. Rare? Doesn't everyone love Kylie and Madonna, I pity those who don't.
  3. Choosing Fine Wine over Til You Love Somebody is a choice but goes to show we all have different taste...
  4. I know a few who only like Madonna or only like Kylie.

    I find it bizarre.
  5. I've been a fan of both Kylie and Madonna for most of my life. Imagine depriving yourself of either of them?! How sad.
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  6. Tbh, I'd pick Fine Wine as the second best track on DISCO, right after Dance Floor Darling.
    It's bubbly, eccentric and fun, in the best way possible.

    Overall tho, I would like DISCO 2 to have something as anthemic as ABBA's Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
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  7. "Hey Lonely" is top five DISCO nn
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  8. I think what @letuinmybackdoor is saying is that he thinks that the tour setlist might be more hits-heavy instead of being representative of Disco, the album, and its album tracks, similar to the Kiss Me Once tour, not that the Disco tour won't be disco.
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  9. Exactly.
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  10. I think that you might be right as well. I feel like we might get either half or three quarters of the tracks from Disco that she played during Infinite Disco and the rest of the setlist will be hits. And I don't see "Celebrate You" or "Miss A Thing" making the final setlist.
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  11. I will sue if this happens. And not Kylie, I will sue you.
  12. With a Disco tour, I hope we go get a decent amount of the tracks performed in a live setting, too good not to be.
  13. The Kiss Me Once setlist went down a lot better than the Golden setlist in Newcastle.

    Parts of Golden were just awkward and it made me realise there’s a growing chasm between what fans want and what the GP wants. Arenas are increasingly filled at the expense of fans who get Kids for the billionth time while better songs are paid dust. Getting tickets to the Anti-Tour, Madame X and Before The Dawn was a Battle Royale but all three were an absolute joy. Same with Les Folies at the Hammerstein ballroom.

    I’d love Kylie to perform Did It Again, Too Far, Disco Down, Magnetic Electric, Stars, Tightrope... but I know the GP will only sit there with long faces until she does Kids. Breathe in Newcastle aged me 20 years.

    Kylie seems proud of DISCO and she’s not going to ignore it, so regardless of what else is on the setlist we’re likely to get 5 or 6 songs from DISCO.
  14. Yes, Kids needs to finally be rested live. I get she has casual fans to please, but at the expense of fan favourites being paid dust this should not happen either.
  15. I feel like the Disco tracks would go down better with the general public than the Golden album tracks she chose for the Golden tour. There was a mass exodus from my section - myself included, sorry Kylie! - for the toilets/bar when Shelby 68/Radio On were being performed, whereas I feel like even the locals will have a bop to songs like Supernova or Last Chance.
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  16. W2K


    Yes there were a few…choices on the Golden Tour sponsored by Hobbycraft, but Disco has a lot more to offer in terms of a good time, so I hope we get a decent chunk of it on the tour.
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  17. Lucky Kylie
    Margaret River region is beautiful.
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  18. Kylie’s tours are always majorly hit-heavy because that gets the casual people (who might not have even heard Disco) in. She knows her niche and it’s paid off, with her touring reputation being probably one of the best of her peers.
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  19. She always has mega long setlists and the songs are short so I think we're in for at least 7/8 Disco songs.
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