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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. That would be a fair amount I think and a good enough balance.
  2. It'll be "Infinite Disco" with some classics and oddities thrown in the mix and we will deal.
  3. I'm happy with that in all fairness. My 'fantasy' setlist revolves around the structure of Infinite Disco.
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  4. Kylie snubbing "Miss A Thing" during Infinite Disco is what I based my prediction on. I'd love for her to play "Miss A Thing" live, but the likelihood of that happening seems low.
    Considering that we're basically four singles in, that'll be the singles and one or two album tracks.
  5. W2K


    I’d love that!
  6. Replace Monday Blues with Miss A Thing, add Disco Down and I'll be happy.
  7. I still want Where Does the DJ Go as a single. I love it so much!!
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  8. I'm a fan and a Kylie album is always welcome but Golden is my least favourite album of hers. Seems like the album was more of a personal endeavour for her so I'm glad she did it.

    But Disco is light years ahead of Golden.
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  9. I love it too! It crept out of nowhere for me to become one of my favourites on the album. And it's a belter of a song that is so apt for pandemic times.
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  10. All I want from her in terms of new music is something that isn't so standard and by the books. She might have nothing to prove but it would be nice for her to fully commit and do something really experimental and fresh again.
    Disco is fine and I still like it but it's basic and all rehashed ground for her. Kylie has enough basic in her career.
    Golden might not have leaned into the Country singer songwriter theme as much as it could but there were moments of real promise there.
  11. I really don't get how she seemingly forgot much of her songwriting skills she had acquired with Golden, even though she promised otherwise. Disco music might inherently not be as personal as country, but she didn't have to stoop to "monday, tuesday, wednesday...". Here's hoping Jessie Ware was a good influence on their collab.
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  12. It's exactly the sort of Kylie album I needed in the pandemic.
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  13. It's not even the lyrics so much for me, its the very production by numbers tracks themselves that drags them down and makes them sound lazy. Some basic Disco Pop songs are fine but where was the songs that were influenced by some of the songs she put on her Infinite Disco playlist?
    Give me something more than what you've done over and over. Like I said, I still like the music, but I know she can do more and I know when she does step outside of her ever smaller safety box, the music becomes GREAT rather than just good.

    i think I was spoiled by Alanis Morissette's last album that also came out last year. She treaded new ground, had enough of her classic sound and managed to make a collection of songs that were fresh but also familiar.
  14. Having a moment with Last Chance again today!
  15. I think it boils down to Sky Adams and him just not being a good enough producer. I guess he must be nice to work with, since she speaks so highly of him. But I think in regards to being basic, his songs are the worst offenders (it also doesn't help that they barely scratch the three minute mark) - plus his production often sounds shockingly bad to me. What saved hist stuff on Golden for me was that at least her lyrics seemed heartfelt.
    He did give us Dancing and some other nice enough moments, but I hope she moves on from him.
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  16. I think Sky Adams’ work on Disco is far superior to Golden - Dancefloor Darling is one of the best tracks on the entire thing. I don’t think he’s half as bad as he’s made out to be, but I am itching to see her stretch her legs and work with other people (Teemu, James Ford and SG Lewis to name but a few).
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  17. Yeah, Sky just isn't a good fit for Kylie. It's nice to see her work with new people but considering he was more involved with Disco, didn't have switching goalposts in terms of sound and he still didn't come up with the goods suggests the mix isn't a good one. He clearly taught her a lot about production and gave us a few bops so there's that.
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  18. I can't fault his work much at all for this album because most of it has grown on me immensely. He also gave us Supernova which still rips my follicles out every single time, it would be absolutely insane in a live setting.
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  19. Total bop!
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  20. I don't get the Sky Adams complaints because I love Dancefloor Darling, Last Chance and Supernova and his work on Disco is among the most eclectic.

    I really like the Teemu songs but Magic, Real Groove, Miss A Thing are all very similar sounding. Not sure I need much more from him if he is not going to come up with a different sound.
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