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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. I'd be happy with an A side of new Sky songs and a B side of new Teemu songs, I could easily listen to 5 more songs that have the same sound of Magic and Real Groove and Miss Thing...what a trio to open with.
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  2. My wish is that Teemu and Nico Stadi handle Disco II, Real Groove and Miss a Thing are two of the best tracks both on the album and in her career in general. The Sky Adams tracks are very hit and miss for me.

    In terms of a set list, I'd love everything on the standard version of the album except the detestable Unstoppable, a handful of the normal hits, see CGYOOMH, LAFS, OANLT, All the Lovers, Spinning Around, a few lesser known singles like Giving You Up, Did It Again, Right Here, Right Now '15, and then a handful of album tracks like Light Years, More More More, Burning Up and Disco Down. Oh and I DO NOT want Your Disco Needs You.

    Magic / Made in Heaven intro
    1. I Love It
    2. Monday Blues
    3. Right Here, Right Now
    4. Spinning Around / September

    Light Years / Dreams intro
    5. Light Years
    6. Supernova
    7. I Believe in You
    8. Come into My World
    9. Never Too Late

    Fragile / Lost Without You intro
    10. Miss a Thing
    11. In Your Eyes
    12. More More More

    Love to Love You Baby / Obsession intro
    13. Slow / Love to Love You Baby
    14. Real Groove
    15. Giving You Up

    I Guess I Like It Like That / Butterfly intro
    16. Burning Up
    17. Can't Get You Out Of My Head
    18. On a Night Like This
    19. Into the Blue

    Chocolate / Breathe intro
    20. Disco Down
    21. All the Lovers
    22. Say Something
    23. Celebrate You

    Your Disco Needs You intro
    24. Did It Again
    25. Love at First Sight
    26. Where Does the DJ Go?
    27. Last Chance

    Better the Devil You Know / I Should Be So Lucky intro
    28. Dance Floor Darling
    29. Magic
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  3. I would love for Disco V2 to have more variation in tempo, so songs like Love to Love You Baby and also on the classics that build up eg. I Will Survive and Last Dance. Throw in a random Disco Inferno and Ring My Bell and that would be the ideal album for me. I can see her covering September as she had so much fun singing that live.

    Imagine if she gave us Celebration x12 and called it a day.
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  4. I'm going to need the Slow/Love To Love You Baby mashup to be a template for whatever's coming next, please and thank you. Seriously, a few tracks in that vein would be amazing.
  5. All I can say after the brilliant Infinite Disco is that if Disco 2: Disco Harder were co-produced by Biffco, Steve Anderson and Jon Green (for the songcraft) I'd be very happy.
  6. A ‘Love to Love You’ or a ‘I Will Survive’ style song by Kylie would smash hard alongside this album. Both these songs interpreted by the Princess of Pop, adding her own flavour, her own style and her own flair would round off this triumphant era superbly. To end with a song that was defiant in terms of lyrics, empowering to all and utterly brilliant sonically would just add extra credentials to what all ready is a a brilliant album.

    Even though Fever is still my favourite Kylie album, this era has given me such pleasure and joy, whether that be due to lockdown, but the tour de force of Monday Blues, Last Chance, I Like It, Dance Floor Darling and Fine Wine encapsulates everything Disco and more. Hopefully, is rumours of a rerelease are true, Kylie will deliver hard!
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  7. Kylie is also recording this album in Melbourne and could work with PNAU, Troye Sivan, The Presets who might give a very different take on disco.
  8. Lead single will be "Spank Me (Harder Harder)."
    There is so much young talent in Australia creating great dance music who I'd love Kylie to work with.
  9. WA has never looked so good

    Yes there is.
    It's whether Kylie is brave enough to take a chance.

    Kylie knows the UK is her bread and butter, and her #1 market - but I mean I feel like she could work with some upcoming and edgier Melbourne or Sydney dance artists and bring something new to the table.

    Even with Troye, I mean he's also based in Melbourne right now, so it would be easy and Kylie is clearly a fan as she sang that Troye song last year.
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  10. Kylie and Troye would make a perfect fit musically.
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  11. I could hear Kylie singing Tate's parts:

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  12. Yes that would suit.
  13. I'd love Kylie to make a dance album with just Australian artists but I don't think it's a matter of Kylie being "brave". I don't think the Sydney, Melbourne dance scene is particularly edgy, and has a sound that easily translates to Kylie dance.
  14. I meant more the artists than the actual scenes in the cities?
    Have you been to either city, just curious?

    There's acts here I like like PNAU, like Cut Copy, like Cub Sport - the latter two being less dance and more 'alternative' for a better word - but I would like Kylie to "challenge" herself musically again.

    Golden while not my favourite Kylie album proved she could release a more lyrically evolved storytelling album, then DISCO was different again - but more in the usual vein of what you would expect from a Kylie album - so maybe DISCO2 could explore a darker side of disco. I am struggling to put into words exactly how I feel because I do like the Ying & Yang of Kylie.
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  15. I think maybe we need to dial back a little bit. She said it was a reissue of Disco, so I think we can expect a handful of tracks (most likely leftovers) with the same group of producers from round one.

    I am all for her working with new people and think it should be top of the priority list - but a deluxe version isn’t going to be where it happens. Future Nostalgia Side B is a great indicator of keeping expectations low.
  16. Even just a few new songs this era, will always be most welcome.
  17. Just imagine if she pulls a 'Steps', and there's a whole part 2 album coming our way.
  18. If she does indeed that would be fantastic. To be honest, just excited to know there is still something more to come with the Disco era.
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  19. The more ingredients we get, the more we can all make our perfect 'Disco' playlist, right? (was going to put a smiley after, but have in passing realised that might be forbidden here?)
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  20. Disco really is still such a strong album, I think in time (if not already) it will be viewed to be up there with her all time best.
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