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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Kylie said she's setting up a home studio in Melbourne so I think that means she'll be there for a few more months at least.

    I'd imagine she'll be back for summer in Europe, to escape winter in Melbourne.
  2. They don't need to be in the same studio. Jessie can record her vocals in London, Kylie in Melbourne.
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  3. Nobody’s saying they can’t work remotely - only as far as we know, as of yet that hasn’t happened.

    Jessie usually works more collaboratively in the studio (where possible) with writers like James Ford, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see any studio work until they’re both in the same city, but remote sessions could just as easily materialise.
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  4. Jessie's manager confirmed the collab is not on Jessie's repackaged album so we can assume it has to be on DISCO2, unless it's on a future EP or single?
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  5. I’d probably shoot for a future release at this point, since I could see more than just a one and done collab between them by the time they make it into the studio.

    Jessie and her usual team writing and producing some part of/an album with Kylie would be great.
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  6. My literal 2 favourite things!!!

    Sorry drag race and husband
  7. Love this!
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  8. I would prefer the duet be more What's Your Pleasure, a bit darker, a bit more modern. I mean the song, not the album.
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  9. Biff is up to something going by his latest stories on Instagram, that instrumental sounds like something Kylie would definitely have on a re-release of Disco.
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  10. I just heard, that snippet sounds fantastic!
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  11. I hope so from what I heard. Sounds great.
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  12. Yes. It's very late 70s disco-funk and, I agree, it does feel very 'Kylie' too!
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  13. The more Kylie and Biff the better.
  14. It sounds so damn good. Hope it’s for Kylie!
  15. I Love It was and still is as it happens, a big favourite of me from Disco. Not to mention the magnificent Say Something. This makes me feel excited at the thought this!
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  16. I would still be up for a Disco Ballad. I hope the "reissue" has one.
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  17. That could be something rather special I think.
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  18. Same. It’s a brilliant song.
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  19. That snippet sounds really good. Although it did give me Girls Aloud Tangled Up vibes, which is no bad thing!
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