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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. I genuinely believe that if handled correctly, "Real Groove" could've been Kylie's biggest hit in recent years, outperforming "Dancing"—if they'd issued a radio edit of the Studio 2054 remix instead of the original to radio thus making it the official single version, if they'd released the Studio 2054 remix on a Friday instead of on a Thursday that was also New Year's Eve, if it actually had a music video, preferably with Dua Lipa, etc. I know that all of this is hypothetical and there's no guarantee that it would've been a hit even if all of this happened, but it's fun to imagine.
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  2. It certainly deserved to be. It would have be nice to think that with an extra push it could have broke through. It doesn't hurt to dream.
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  3. I think the album version of Real Groove is only okay tbh (like the rest of the album). The 2054 version is a significant improvement and the only version I listen to now (along with the IT mix if I’m in the mood).
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  4. Real Groove, is truly an moment.
  5. Real Groove is my most played track from the album. And I would never have predicted that when I first listened to the album.
  6. If I share a little secret, can you keep it?

    Mine's Monday Blues.

    Mainly for its lyrical content, which is probably the best since Dylan's Blowin' in the Wind

  7. Monday Blues is my favourite too.
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  8. New Twitter rumour.

  9. I’m… very much here for a Kylie and Miley collab so I hope that’s true.
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  10. That's great.

    I was joking. Though I don't have the same disdain for it that others do. My main issue with the song is regarding all the helium in the production. (I wish Sky all the best on their impending retirement.) I found it... infinitely more charming with Steve Anderson and Biffco's touch during Infinite Disco.
  11. I hope it's true! and hopefully this time we'll get a music video, too.
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  12. I'd expect y'all to be able to distinguish when a rumor is stan fiction. As if Kylie would ever release a single titled "24/7 Open." That's an even worse fake title than "Sometimes I Get Tears."
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  13. Kylie and Miley

    I'm not sure if I will be up for that or not. I don't think it's needed.
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  14. You'll get what your given.
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  15. Watch it be 'Kids (Y'all) 2021'
  16. “24/7 Open” and “Get It Up Ya” do make for an interesting narrative together though
  17. Same, not exactly a Miley fan to be honest, but will hold out judgement until I hear it, if true.
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  18. I am so here for that duet!
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  19. Love Miley, so I'd be up for that. Hope the title is fake though.
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