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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Hopefully this. Keeping the faith.
  2. Relax guys....something is round the corner, I can feel it.
  3. Again, keep the faith!
  4. Heard not one, not two but no less THREE Disco songs when in Zara yesterday:

    Taste. Especially for playing Hey Lonely.
  5. Someone at Zara really loves Kylie, don't they?
  6. Again, taste.
  7. Did anyone ever capture the short-lived radio mix of Dancefloor Darling?
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  8. Alas not, can't find it anywhere at all.
  9. Is this a new pic?

    edit. No it’s from the infinite disco advert.
    Surely somethings coming soon!!
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  10. It would make sense to release on the 1 year anniversary at this point, maybe a new single with a video and pre orders avail?
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  11. A couple of months back I was there and heard from Celebrate you through to Spotlight and then it randomly played Dancefloor and Fragile from Fever.
    This is from Benidorm, Spain by the way!
  12. This gives me Tron vibes. I would love a "Tron disco" video clip.
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  13. Queen of Gandía Shore, indeed
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  14. I've always been curious whether Kylie filmed full performances of "In Your Eyes" and "Magic" that were then edited down into the trailer or if the snippets in the trailer are the entirety of the footage.

    I still wish that she had had a couple of costume changes during Infinite Disco, tbh.
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  15. I still live in hope we'll be getting an extended version of the album, despite the lack of promo/releases since Real Groove. It's a very odd strategy to have such a big gap. Then again, this is Kylie and any physical release is guaranteed to sell well with her fanbase.
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  16. Surely indeed! She's looking great though regardless there that's for sure.
  17. She actively took a break to spend time in Australia with her family which I guess curtailed the Disco campaign somewhat. But she was prioritising family over career and who could blame her. I could very much imagine a plan was hatched for a phase 2 camping later on when things have loosened up. Now the UK and Europe seem to be moving (slowly) in the right direction it would make sense to launch a tour (mid 2022?) using an album special edition to promote it.
  18. Nice months exactly today since the release of Disco! Madness how quick it's gone.
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