Kylie Minogue - Extension: The Extended Mixes (Dec 8)

A lot of these are simply just songs trying to get a feel for where they wanted things to go and just aren’t that great but there’s a few gems here that should have at least been bonus tracks!
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I believe the proper title for 4 Letters is 4 Letter Word. It's from Golden and features Jack Savoretti. What Do You Know is from Aphrodite, and Was It Ever Really Love is early Golden sessions.
Do you know anything about Home? Tears of Joy and and Eyes On You seem up for debate as well.
Apologies if this info has already been mentioned but do we know from which sessions the following tracks are?

Beautiful Disaster
Like Lightning
Shooting Star
Sweet Spot
Up to 10 now today, in addition to yesterday's 17

Here I Go Again
Home (another version)
Not Letting Go
Tears Will Dry
Uncut Stone
Was It Ever Really Love?
4 Letters
What Do You Know
The Kylie forum we dislike are going with the following eras to place these titles:

Tears Will Dry (Aphrodite Sessions)

Golden Sessions:
Early Golden Sessions - Home
Early Golden Sessions - Feel
Early Golden Sessions - Fingertips
Early Golden Sessions - Here I go Again
Early Golden Sessions - Not Letting Go

4 Letter Word (feat. Jack Savoretti)
Beautiful Disaster
Golden/Rollin' [Demo]
Like lightning
Shooting Star
Sweet Spot
What Do You Know?
Was it Ever Really Love

A Rose Is A Rose (SBIT/Early Disco Sessions)

Disco Sessions:
Feel The Love
Sad Songs
The Lonliest Kind (of Lover)
Uncut Stone (because it's a Teema Brunil co-write)
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