Kylie Minogue - Extension: The Extended Mixes (Dec 8)

Secretly listening to Padam Padam through my work headset in between calls.


It's SO addictive
I certainly hear the parallels to Head and Slow stylistically and in production, but, I think those were both stronger songs underneath. I'm not convinced that when she's on her 75th AI-generated Diamond tour that she'll be playing her 10th variation of Padam Padam the way she'll no doubt be doing with Slow. Even though I'm one of 3 practicing homosexualists in the world for whom Padam Padam is in the like-not-love column, I cannot for a second deny its immediate appeal. It feels like it's been scientifically engineered to be an earworm. I've listened to it... 4 times? The last when the video premiered and it is still lodged firmly in my brain. I hear it as I'm drifting off to sleep and its the first thing echoing in my head when I wake up. I hope it's a big success for her.
Padam Padam sounds like a package deal all inclusive holiday (complimentary!) where the song is played hourly by the pool and at every club/bar/restaurant for two weeks solid. Although I don't expect a Kylie single to reach those levels of ubiquity these days sadly, it's still nice that she can deliver that type of icy cool pop song that loops around your brain from the first listen. It's a really refreshing change from the more adult contempoary stuff.
I don’t think this song is that great but it surely stuck in my mind. Padam.
I feel its length makes it not quite reach greatness. It kind of feels like an ITunes preview of a classic banger rather than a classic in its current form. With a longer and more dynamic structure, it would be a 10/10, but it's currently an 8/10 for me. Length shouldn't hurt a song so much in theory but in really does hurt this one in practice. The outro is really cool but it doesn't do the job. That outro should come after an exciting build and climax.