Kylie Minogue - Extension: The Extended Mixes (Dec 8)

Whoever is remixing it, I just pray they don't plonk the vocals over some repetitive dance beat. Or heaven forbid, a PWL era remix. The song has the bones to be reimagined in so many interesting ways, much like Slow.
Nicole Kidman also giving the song some love on her Instagram i think...Get these two babes to do a duet together.
This would fit the Your Pop Misconceptions thread better, but still — when I was 4/5-ish, I used to think Nicole Kidman and Kylie were the same person, as both had duets with Robbie Williams airing on VH1 ddd.

I told my boyfriend about this the other day, and he told me he experienced the same phenomenon, but for another reason: every time he watched Moulin Rouge, he didn't understand why Nicole suddenly popped up as the Green Fairy. Australian queen things only!
The Extended Mix isn't very good. I love the length of the original, but I would've occasionally used the extended mix if they treated parts after the chorus as more of a proper instrumental break than a drag & drop of the outro.