Kylie Minogue - Extension: The Extended Mixes (Dec 8)

The Extended Mix isn't very good. I love the length of the original, but I would've occasionally used the extended mix if they treated parts after the chorus as more of a proper instrumental break than a drag & drop of the outro.
Agreed, I would love just the opening and longer finish version. The breakdown between first chorus and second verse feels flat.
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So, its not impossible, that in the next 10 days we will see both Kylie and Madonna get their first top 10 placings in 10-15 years? Unless i’ve missed some ‘featuring’ activity by either of them?
Yeah, Kylie was more recent. She was last top 10 in 2010 (solo) and 2011 (featured), and got close again in 2014 (number 12).

Madonna was last top 10 in 2009 with Celebration and hasn't been top 20 since.

So yeah, it's looking like 2023 is the year. Someone call Cher please.