Kylie Minogue - Extension: The Extended Mixes (Dec 8)

Honestly I don't see myself returning much to this one but it's definitely a well-crafted and produced pop tune. I find the verses as the catchiest part and the 90s influences are really nice too.
Omastar bae-ae-bae

I'm bopping, but Tension feels very insubstantial and throwaway. It doesn't have enough charm or a strong hook to justify the fact that the production is nothing special. It does sound very "current", but that's about it.


I’d listened to the leak a few months back and actually forgotten just how difficult this is to get your teeth around upon first listen.

Like, it’s everything I actively want a Kylie release to be in 2023 - challenging, left of field and something that positions her firmly outside of her comfort zone sonically and structurally - but, even in a post ‘Padam Padam’ world, it feels extremely abrasive in its intent. It’ll be interesting to see how the good will carries over.

This is where I’m at. I listened to the leak earlier today in anticipation and it almost felt jarring.

I am a sucker for a song that doesn’t quite resolve the way you expect it to, or plays with structure or vibe. It’s growing on me and sounds wonderful in HQ. I think I’d have been blown away if I didn’t listen to the leak while I was still drowning in Padam.
The cheers and chants in the later half of the song really bring this to another level, there slappy guitar synth is such a great choice too. Lots of the DNA of this song is sounds kylie does very well and it works to great effect on 'Tension'

I love the 'Ohhhhs' in the later half of the song that are chopped and reverbed. A huge serve.
I LOVE it. It’s very modern and catchy but unusually structured, it’s very bold to not have a beat properly come in until over a minute in. Padam Padam took a while to click for me but this is very instant and I will no doubt be gymming to this a lot.

Adore her look in the video as well, very throwback to 80s Kylie with a modern/futuristic vibe. I honestly haven’t been excited about a Kylie era since Aphrodite (sorry!) but definitely am with this one. Feels like a real renaissance.
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It’s just such a joy to see her flexing so confidently like this. It feels like Golden and Disco were needed to build her up to this point where she is at her creative peak and she’s producing stuff like this. We knew she had it in her to do this again. An absolute triumph. Couldn’t happen to a better person.

The album is looking good to smash hard at this point and she seems genuinely to be cutting through to younger audiences. Could this be a (third?) imperial phase? (Do people even have imperial phases anymore?)