Kylie Minogue - Extension: The Extended Mixes (Dec 8)

First couple of listens today and I'm loving this album, for me it's her best since Fever.
Even 10 out of 10 which I previously thought was trash sounds great as part of the album.
Highlights are Padam, Hold On To Now, Tension, and Story.
The bonus tracks are all great too, this will be on repeat all Aussie summer long.
I've been playing to the album all day and quite surprisingly it has taken longer than expected to click with me. "You Still Get Me High" was the one song that really sparked for me the first time around, but at 5 listens in "Story" seems to be emerging as the standout.

"Hands" is quite an unusual song to hear from Kylie, and I don't really like the fact that they left the session singers vocals in for that first verse, but otherwise I like it. "Green Light" would feel right at home among the "Disco: Guest List" tracks, similarly "One More Time" feels like a sort of bridge between "Disco" and "Tension." "Vegas High" is sort of giving me "Fever" vibes, but the fade out at the end was a choice.

Based on everything I'd heard about it, I was fully expecting "Hold On To Now" to be the one, but I can't say it has really caught me yet.


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It’s a solid 8/10 for me. I think I got too used to the leaks so I’m missing Running and Vegas Baby (prefer that Vegas track to Vegas High right now).

I’ll be skipping One More Time, Hands and Green Light, everything else stays!
First listen done. Aside from the current singles, Story, Somebody to Love, Vegas High, One More Time are the standouts so far. I don’t think there’s anything on here I’d skip right now. I think it’s a good mix of classic Kylie sounds and new styles.

10 Out Of 10 is greyed out for me. Doesn’t want to play. Which I’m not mad about despite quite liking it. Although I've not listened to it since it was released.
The album is a tight, high octane sugar rush that made me smile through the whole thing but I can honestly understand why the people who don’t like the album don’t.

I also understand why all the tracks on the standard track listing made the cut… 10 out of 10 is clearly one of the weaker moments but it does sound decent in context of the album and Hands gives the album a change of pace without disrupting the brightness and positivity of the rest of the album. I do prefer Somebody To Love over Hands but it would’ve been a bit of a sore thumb if it was on the standard.

Still too soon for me to say where it will land in my Kylie rankings but it is the best thing she’s done since at least Kiss Me Once.

*Except for Love Train, that song can choke. You could tell straight away that the song is a Sky Adams production by how forward and shrill Kylie’s vocals are mixed into the track.
I know Spotify figures is what will really matter and itunes doesn't mean much etc etc but 31 #1's is a good start right?! It'll make for good press at least.

Loving the album on first listen. It's been great reading all the thoughts on here but gonna try to not analyse too much yet and just enjoy. It's already feeling like a fresh new album but kinda at the same time...familiar and comforting like only Kylie can do.
Happy Kylie Tension day!
Not gonna lie, I wasn’t expecting a primarily retrowave album based on Padam and Tension. I adore the album, however! The only clunker for me is Love Train. Everything else (even 10 ddd) is absolutely slapping to me.