Kylie Minogue - Extension: The Extended Mixes (Dec 8)

Yep Somebody To Love really should have been on the main album. I keep saying it.

Vegas High actually gives me Fever vibes. A splice of Love Affair and Raining Glitter it's solid pop at it's best.

The Things We Do For Love is really doing things for me. That ending is outstanding. I just want more. "It's Cinematic when we touch", come on now.

She really is living her 00's girl band fantasy's with Hands. It's so cool and sexy.
That saxophone in Green Light is superb. Pop Music needs the return of a cool sax.

You Still Get Me High is serving Sincerely Yours in the verses but properly transitions. Well done Kylie.

One More Time was the first listen weakest link. Yet now it's such a groove.

Love Train and Just Imagine are bonus track in my eyes. But one is proper fun and one is actually the summary on the sentiment of the LP. Only our Kylie can give us the best bonuses. Other acts would be so lucky.

This whole album is a dopamine hit and may actually end up as part of my Top 5 of my Kylie albums!
It's already fast rivalling Light Years as my all time favourite Kylie album to be honest!
Apple Music have fixed 10 Out of 10 so it now plays on the album, first time hearing it, with low expectations based on reactions, and it’s a bop?
Green Light is growing on me, the sax solo half way through is really lovely and brings the song to life.

I have had a full few days of Tension and as another casual fan it really is a cracker of an album. Being a fan of Disco - it was far from perfect - but it gave us Supanova, Magic, Second To Midnight, Kiss of name a few. BUT listening to Tension I can see how Disco's production make people say it wasn't their favourite, as it does make it stand out...not in a good way. I still love Disco (Magic is still up there with one of my favourite ever tracks) but definitely weaker overall than Tension. So my few comments about it...

Firstly, replied to Ashtray as I was going to say something similar. 10/10 fits perfectly on the album (spoken vocals, similar style/structure) as if we had known no difference it wouldn't be getting the hate it is. It is the best one? Not at all, but it's definitely not the worst of the tracks.

So many great, great tracks.

Jury still out on Hands and Love Train (similar to Fine Wine and Monday Blues on Disco)

She is spoilt for choice for singles here, too many to choose to from. I can see them going for Hold On To Now as it's a great Autumnal Radio 2 Banger but Capital might catch on to...after that I have no clue.

The promotional around this era has been spot on. The pop up shop, Vegas, Radio 2 Party In The Park, Capital Summertime Ball, Magazine shoots. Bravo Kylie's team.

Overall her best album since Fever for me.

Well done Kylie!
In regards to the tracklisting, I think they did an amazing job sequencing and honestly? 11 tracks is perfect. I tried toying around as to where I would have put "Just Imagine" and "Somebody to Love" ("Love Train is at the recycling plant!) and neither work as a better closer than "Story" and they'd disrupt the flow of the rest of the album. Great decisions, beautiful decisions.
Initial scores and thoughts after listening to Tension for most of the weekend;

Padam Padam - It's my most played song of the year for a reason. Totally unexpected for Kylie and stronger for this exact reason. 10/10
Hold On To Now - Loved this hearing it for the first time watching her BBC set last weekend, and the recorded version is even better. Possibly my favourite Kylie song in many years. 10/10
Things We Do For Love - Love this, it's so infectious. Exactly the type of 80s throwback I love. 9/10
Tension - This has bopped since day one but its catchiness is still growing for me, especially surrounded by such greatness. 9.5/10
One More Time - This is Disco done right. Has grown on me a lot throughout the weekend, and now I think it continues the near flawless opening run of songs. 9/10
You Still Get Me High - Again, love it. I think I prefer the overt 80s vibes of Things We Do For Love, but this is also great. 8.5/10
Hands - I'm sorry but this is such a smooth bop. Can't believe people don't like it. That second verse is perhaps one of my favourite vocal and melodic moments across an album full of highlights, it's just so fun. 9/10
Green Light - The first minute or two is great, but the sax takes it up a level. Nowhere near my favourite but it bops to these ears. 8/10
Vegas High - Like everything else on the album, it bops. But perhaps there's less moments that bring me back to it compared to most of the other songs. Not overly memorable. 7/10
10 Out of 10 - Hadn't heard this before the album and it's.. okay. Nowhere near as bad as everyone says but a bit beneath her perhaps? Definitely a Todrick/Drag Race song. 5.5/10
Story - There's a lot to love here but I can't get past the chipmunk vocals in the chorus every time I listen. Melodically and lyrically it's beautiful, and the production is pure 80s magic, but I'm just not sure on that vocal choice. 7/10
Standard album - 8.5/10
Love Train - I stand by the opinion that this bops, a lot. It's the definition of a bonus track as I'm not sure it would fit the standard album, but it's so much fun. 8/10
Just Imagine - It is a bit slight, but her vocals really impress me on this one. Again, think it makes sense as a bonus track. 7/10
Somebody To Love - I feel like this was created with the same aim as Hold On To Now. And honestly? It's nearly as good. The melody and vocal delivery is exquisite in making me feel something. 9.5/10

Deluxe album - 8.5/10
As mentioned before. The tracklist is pretty much there.

But with a couple of tweets. I believe the below would have been perfect

(Side One)
1 Padam Padam
2 Hold On To Now
3 Things We Do For Love
4 Tension
5 One More Time
6 You Still Get Me High
(Side Two)
7 10 Out Of 10
8 Hands
9 Green Light
10 Vegas High
11 Somebody To Love
12 Story
In regards to the tracklisting, I think they did an amazing job sequencing and honestly? 11 tracks is perfect. I tried toying around as to where I would have put "Just Imagine" and "Somebody to Love" ("Love Train is at the recycling plant!) and neither work as a better closer than "Story" and they'd disrupt the flow of the rest of the album. Great decisions, beautiful decisions.

Yep, I agree they chose the right songs for the main album after spending some time with it all. Somebody To Love could have been slotted in right before Story, but the other deluxe tracks are just nice to have and not overly essential to the album. 10 Out of 10’s placement on the album has grown on me even if I still find it a slightly curious move.

Should've been...

For me the only tracks I still can't get into is hands and Vegas high , it's such a stunner of a album . It's easy to see 80's was the initial inspiration.
My perfect tracklist
1) padam padam
2) love train
3) tension
4) you still get me high
5) things we do for love
6) hold on to now
7) 10 out of 10
8) green light
9) one more time
10)somebody to love
11)just imagine
I was listening to Hold On To Now on my headphones in Atmos and understood why they said they wish they had time to re-record the vocals. It’s the muddiest sounding track on the album. Love the song but something about it bugged me. Today, it finally dawned on me that the synths and her vocals are occupying the same space, if that makes any sense. It’s also detectable Things We Do For Love, but only very slightly. Not sure they can do anything about it now though.
Did you find turning off Atmos helped? I’ve only listened once though headphones and had a similar not fun experience