Kylie Minogue - Extension: The Extended Mixes (Dec 8)

Does Drum have a glitch at the end? It ends to silence then there’s another blip of music?

Either way, both Heavenly Body and Drum are in the top half of the album for me. As much as I love Green Light and Hands, these fit so much better.
Drum actually builds quite nicely. Actually kinda dramatic. It's infections.

And for Heavenly Body. It's got a fabulous 90's club beat going through it. It's like a wonderful splice of KM94 and Light Years. And epic Pop banger. Could have easily have made the main album.

Awsome treats Minogue!

Really surprising how cracking tunes like these can stay in the vaults.
There is no way they can cram all these songs on a single vinyl. If they do it´s going to sound horrendous.

54 minutes... is about the absolute limit a single vinyl can hold. I've had a 49 minute album on a single vinyl during the 90s (incidentally, all the reissues of it have been on double-vinyl). It'll probably start as close to the edge as you could get and probably won't be particularly bassy. Won't matter if they figure people are buying these for completism rather than pristine audio.
I was thinking about this earlier, and it's interesting that apparently the bones of "Just Imagine" dates from the X era, but I think it sounds like the missing link between Dragonette's Fixin to Thrill and Body Parts albums.
Put together a 12 track version I'm pretty happy with:

Padam Padam
Hold On To Now
Things We Do For Love
Vegas High
Somebody To Love
You Still Get Me High
Heavenly Body
One More Time
Green Light

I'm enjoying the album.
I don't really understand why, but somehow it weirdly gives me a nostalgic feeling for Rhythm of Love/Let's Get To It.
Hands feels like the sequel to One Boy Girl