Kylie Minogue - Extension: The Extended Mixes

There you go! I had to upload it myself as there’s no traces of it anywhere online. It’s quite different, probably one of the earlier mixes of the final song.

Long or short version, everytime I listen to this masterpiece, I fall in love with it !
Does anyone know if she's still recording or re-recording songs in Paris?

She was spotted in Paris in Stella McCartney.

I hope Steve and Kylie are on their way to Australia soon.

And at Valentino. I'm guessing she's doing a lot of the fashion/image stuff that comes with album planning.

I am not loving her wig that she's wearing at Paris Fashion Week. I wonder if she will wear a different wig for World Pride & KM16 promo?
9/10 Kylie now wears wigs.You will occasionally see a pic of her with "wispy" (for a better word) hair tied-back, that's her real hair.

I don't think she's wearing wigs though, I think she just uses extensions to give her hair more volume and length sometimes.