Kylie Minogue - Extension: The Extended Mixes

It looks so much better eau naturel!
I know many have already said it, but the depth of the production on this album amazes me. Same with the vocals, Kylie soars over these songs and sounds so beautiful. There's a confidence in them, maybe because she self records and produces she has more knowledge of how it all works and how to make use of different aspects of her voice.
Even on my ancient crappy headphones the album sounds fresh and fully fleshed out. It's a glorious blue ocean full of wonder.
Are we all in agreement that "Vegas High" is about the melancholic high you feel after inhaling a fresh bottle of poppers a second too long inside of a Caesar's palace restroom?

Yes? Great. I'll ask the secretary to record this in the board minutes with the action that we will update Wikipedia no later than 28th September.
This album is really great. I wish she had kept the cooler electronic tone of Tension throughout, but all the songs have their moment.

Tension as a track is the absolute standout, it is immense, modern and sleek. I hope she revisits this sound.

One More Time and Somebody To Love are my two other favourites, they really just captivate me.

Hands is
Things We Do For Love…


Every night, a million hearts are breaking but at least I know tonight I’m not the only one…

Don't wanna be lonely, wish you could hold me
I love the nights when you dance with me


You say forever, I say whenever
Say that you'll never set me free
Let's get romantic, overdramatic
It's cinematic when we touch
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Not necessarily but what it does it have to be a taboo topic? It is remarkable that a 55 year woman in the show biz is able to disarm with joy and awe.
Kylie is breaking that ceiling; it is promising for future female singers and entertainers .
I made the original comment. I agree it’s reductive to frame it all around her age. I guess maybe I worded that badly. What I mean is more in line with what you say here. At 55 she’s vital, current, having genuine global hits, conquering the streaming age and is arguably at the height of her powers at 35 years odd years into her career. All the while looking fabulous and projecting grace and confidence. And she seems to finally be getting the recognition of her clear talent both as a performer and as a songwriter and artist. It’s inspiring (as well as clearly sexist and ageist to some degree that she seems to have to earn that more than others). Her achievements are truly remarkable. Nobody else is really doing it like her. And she bloody well deserves it.