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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. “You’re the first thing in the morning, and the last thing at night,” has such glorious melody. One of the finest moments on the album.
  2. Hurrah for this! It's a masterpiece of a song!
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  3. Love this brilliant post! Especially your praise about Tell Tale Signs! That was a great and hugely underrated performance! As is the song itself I personally think.
  4. I was watching The Simpsons earlier when this pop masterpiece suddenly was on in one of many episodes. I couldn't help myself but had to look for that to take a listen to it. I used to dislike this track when I was a small child but now as a youngster I adore it.

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  5. Not hard to see why this song was so huge. Still sounds fresh now I think.
  6. 2 hours I found myself lost in Kylie’s music. Another highlight (and one that always makes me emotional) is the triumphant Showgirl Homecoming Light Years/Turn It Into Love medley..........just beyond amazing!
  7. This is one of my highlights of Kylie's entire career.

    I would LOVE her to give Turn It Into Love another outing on the Golden tour.
  8. That too is especially amazing! A combination that somehow manages to just work.
  9. Oh I’d be collapsed on the floor if she did it in full.......
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  10. As would I! I went to the original Showgirl tour so never saw it. Turn It Into Love is my favourite Kylie song, I'd give anything to experience it live.
  11. You know when a pop song was extra amazing (as in, 00s classic, iconic big budget video, lose your shit when it comes on in the club, pinnacle of career amazing) when nothing since even bothered trying to emulate it. Head is creepy sexy space age realness and it can't imitated or duplicated.

    Even Kylie could never/will never find another song like it.
  12. Me too....saw Showgirl and loved it but obviously Turn It Into Love wasn’t in that set. I did have tickets to one of the Manchester Homecoming gigs that she postponed due to the flu and worked overseas by then so couldn’t attend the rescheduled shows which was gutting. But then when I saw the DVD I was blown away.
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  13. It's one of her live performances that I keep coming back to. I'd say that and There Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart), which I was lucky enough to see, are my two favourite live Kylie performances.
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  14. We have similar taste. That was a triumph too. I saw Aphrodite in Barcelona and the reaction was at fever pitch after that song and performance.....I wonder what Lucy and Roxy are doing now as they’ve been absent so far from all promo? They must’ve been her longest serving backing singers.
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  15. There Must Be An Angel really woke the Glasgow audience up! After a fairly subdued start that performance blew the roof off and led Kylie to say "so you're feeling it now?!"

    Her voice blended so well with Lucy and Roxy, to the point that I can't even tell who is singing what parts!
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  16. I saw showgirl homecoming and when it went from Light Years into Turn it into Love I had such an overwhelming euphoric moment. I only had her parlophone albums and Ultimate Kylie at that point so hadn’t heard TIIL before and it literally hit me like a force of nature. It was just incredible to hear it for the first time in that setting. That moment will stay with me for the rest of my life.
  17. OMG i cant even imagine....... a real career highlight from album number 1
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  18. Yes very talented ladies. I see she has Abbie who worked with her before but not sure on who the 2nd backing singer is......
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  19. It made me delve into her older albums. This should be a note to all artists that have a lengthy career. Play a couple of those deep cuts, because you might inspire new fans to delve into your previous work.
  20. I hope Kylie does exactly this on the Golden tour as so many under performed gems in her back catalogue, many of which were major hits.
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