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Kylie Minogue - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Kylie performed Tell Tale Signs live somewhere?

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  2. Yes on Aussie TV show Hey Hey It’s Saturday........ I reckon to silence her critics by doing a ballad 100 percent live and nailing it. “Singing Budgie who?”
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  3. I need to see this.

    I have seen the amazing Look My Way performance on Hey Hey though…..

  4. She should have done a few live performances in the UK. Could she have been any bigger?
  5. Other than 'The Hitman Roadshow' she never toured in the UK until 1990, when she debuted 'Better the devil you know' on the 'Enjoy yourself' tour.
  6. She didn't sing live on that Tour even did she?

    I always hated that they had that "live" tour version of Hand On Your Heart on her second VHS compilation.
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  7. I think it’s fair to say most acts mimed on all TV shows in the 80s. At least Kylie tried to sing live in 89 on the Hitman Roadshow, but at that time the choreography was more important to her and the vocals although strong weren’t great.
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  8. The video release was dubbed as the vocals were so bad live.
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  9. She sang live on 'Enjoy yourself' although I think the Hitman dates were a mix of live and playback. The 'live' version of 'Hand' is from a Japanese tour, where I'm pretty sure she sang live, just dubbed for some reason on the video.
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  10. Here is the live recording from a UK date.
  11. Thanks!

    For some reason I had always thought the Let's Get To It Tour was the first live tour she did. I could have sworn there was a lot of fuss about it at the time.
  12. I was watching the same episode a few days ago. A nice surprise to have Kylie all of sudden blast through my speakers.
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  13. The Hitman tour was live vocals to a backing track, but Enjoy Yourself Then Rhythm Of Love/Let’s Get To It had a live band too.
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  14. I've just realized that there are at least two episodes of The Simpsons in which Can't Get You Out of My Head can be heard. The one in which Homer works as a paparazzi and the other one which depicts the closure of Moe's pub. I've seen the former one today. What about you?
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  15. How bigger? She was huge.
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  16. Ray


    Well, the single mix of 'Come into my world' tried. And as much as I love that remix, it failed.
  17. I'm totally heartbroken that I can't go see her on James Corden thanks to exams. I've waiting YEARS to finally see her in person. I hope a miracle somehow happens and she tours here again. Some fans seem confident that she will but I don't see it happening, sadly.
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  18. I reckon she might...... if she can do some low key shows like the Golden launch shows, I’m sure would be more cost effective than a huge downscaled set in the US.
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  19. That was my point!

    Although Never Too Late only made #4 and I'm still bitter.
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  20. I would love to see Parlophone re-release all of her albums (not only on vinyl, but also deluxe editions on CD) sooner rather than later. I wonder how long it's going to take for this to happen.

    How was it back in 2000? Didn't Deconstruction/BMG release Hits+ as soon as they realized that Spinning Around was going to be a hit? And later, after Fever's success, they re-released KM and IP, right? Sorry if that's a stupid thing to ask, but I was, like, four back then, so I can't possibly know.
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