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Kylie Minogue - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Cherry Bomb
    King Or Queen
    Love Takes Over Me
    Take Me With You (not sure whether it qualifies as a B-side)
  2. “1,2,3,4, Kylie fans I’m coming for you
    5,6,7 dreams crushed”
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  3. It's my personal favorite SAW-produced single.
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  4. 'Boy' and 'Made In Heaven' are two of my favourites. (Check out the ballad version of the latter too).
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  5. Best B-sides (couldn't get it down to just 5 as these are all essential for me)

    Made In Heaven
    Do You Dare
    Paper Dolls
    Carried Away
    Do It Again

    All among my very favourite Kylie songs and often better than the A-side!
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  6. Shame about the expanded KM '94 re-issue. I wonder if it has completely fallen through...

    Have there been any news on the rumored vinyl editions of Light Years and Impossible Princess?
  7. I need that cassette of Baby Doll.

    “Let me be your baby doll, sugar and spice and all thinks nice / let me be your paradise"
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  8. I’ve been lusting after this for over twenty years. Someone somewhere must have it? The lyrics are Kylie’s, so she could have a claim to co-ownership.
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  9. Knowing Prince he probably gave that same song to 7 other girls that week.
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  10. I found out that I actually adore some of Kylie's songs when I played them yesterday even though I still have a lot of them to check and hear what the rest really sounds like. So far I'm very keen on All the Lovers, Can't Get You Out of My Head, Come into My World, I Should Be So Lucky, Locomotion, Better the Devil You Know, Shocked and What Do I Have to Do. What would you recommend me next to give a listen?
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  11. Kylie owns the rights to the latter now, apparently. Sainsburys are also (apparently) doing a special pressing on Light Years "soon".
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  12. How was life under Uluru?
  13. Spinning Around, Kids and Especially For You?
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  14. You’ve listened to a lot of her biggest songs, but I’d still recommend giving Ultimate Kylie a listen, followed by these tracks:
    • 2 Hearts
    • In My Arms
    • Wow
    • The One
    • Get Outta My Way
    • Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love)
    • Timebomb
    • Into the Blue
    • Sexercise
    • Kiss Me Once
    • Black & White
    • Dancing
    • Stop Me From Falling
    • Golden.
    Then you can either listen to all her albums in chronological order, which I recommend because it shows how she’s progressed as an artist over time, or you can work through her 2000s material and visit the 80s stuff, then the 90s. Or you can pick an album that you like the singles from most and choose randomly. I’d avoid listening to Kylie Minogue 94 and Impossible Princess straightaway as these are VERY different to the rest of her catalogue and might set you up with the wrong idea of her music.
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  15. Since we are talking of B sides im gonna include Cant get you out of my head (Blue monday), this was a B side for Love at first sight.....this is such a great track.
  16. The same as it is now, in fact.

    @OSHi ,@HEARTCORE Thank you both for the recommendation! I'll surely obey that.
  17. BPM
    Cherry Bomb
    Ocean Blue
  18. Of her many excellent b-sides/unreleased I can't get a shorter shortlist than
    • Change Your Mind
    • Lose Control
    • Sexual Gold
    • Made of Glass
    • (Everything) I Know
    • No Better Love
    • Ocean Blue
    • Tears
    • Paper Dolls
  19. I wonder if they’ll do a 20th Anniversary of Light Years celebration. Would quite like a vinyl.
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  20. Confide In Me and Put Yourself In My Place are essential. They are 11/10 tracks with 11/10 videos.
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