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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I think Too Much would have been a slightly challenging third single to promote after Jake said it was the worst song on the album in an interview

    Can’t Beat The Feeling - especially the final “oohooh yeah” - still gives me utter joy
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  2. Better Than Today is probably in my top 5 from Aphrodite, but it clearly shouldn't have been a single. If there was going to be 5 singles, I'd have picked:

    All The Lovers
    Get Outta My Way
    Cupid Boy
    Put Your Hands Up
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  3. Can't Beat The Feeling, is such a feel good delight! The mash up with Love At First Sight on Les Foiles, is one of her finest live moments too I think.
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  4. Oh, and Too Much remains the worst thing on Aphrodite. Jake was right.
  5. I don't know if this been shared before, but there's this great M.Mayer track from 2002, released on Total 4 compilation by Kompakt label. It includes (probably uncleared) sample of Kylie's "Falling". I enjoy it more than any official version.
  6. Indeed it was. I was pissed off they abandoned it.

    I believe she recorded an original song by Diane Warren in this early stage too.
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  7. Thank you for posting this. That was such a great mix!
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  8. When can we realistically expect another album? And what style / genre do you want her to explore?

    I would love a KM 94 / Body Language mashup with darker ballads, house tracks and sultry midetempos.
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  9. Plays track.

    Waits for something to happen.

    It doesn't.
  10. I reckon we’ll see a pure disco album next, like the Raining Glitter/On a Night/New York City part of the Golden tour. The only thing I'm hoping is that she works with Mark Ronson on it
  11. What exactly should’ve happened? Kylie stepping out of the screen and doing lap dance for you?
  12. This sounds atrocious.
  13. I did my first deep dive into Kylie's discography in 2017 and I've been revisiting it again this last week or so and I've decided a few things:

    1) Timebomb is one of her best songs ever and I definitely listened to this in 2012 and didn't like it, so what was wrong with me?!

    2) I can't get into Body Language outside Chocolate (which I would rank rather high). It just sounds sort of half baked to me? I hate her voice on Red Blooded Woman and she sounds.. like herself, so I don't get why it bothers me so much there but maybe her voice just doesn't suit that sound? For me at least.

    3) 2 Hearts was a bizarre lead single choice for X. I realize it did pretty well, so clearly it wasn't a bad choice, but In My Arms seems like it would have been the obvious lead. Like A Drug is also an obvious single. Strange.

    4) The 80's tracks are basically all the same song, but they're pretty fun. Hand On Your Heart is one that I kind of skipped over in 2017 and I'm glad I revisited.

    5) Confide In Me and Put Yourself In My Place are both excellent, though the former is sort of a misleading lead single cuz nothing else on this album is even remotely close to being that interesting.

    6) The Aphrodite and Kiss Me Once tours were excellent. The former being amongst the best shows I've ever watched. She also has the gayest shows of any pop girl, and thats no small feat.

    7) I don't think any of her albums are that great. Aphrodite and Fever come the closest for me, but most of them have been about 4 or 5 songs and leave the rest. I keep trying to change my mind, so thats good?
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  14. Yep, didn’t say I wanted it! The only saving grace would be Ronson
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  15. Just the same amount of ambition and personality as in Golden, but with much bigger focus on actual musical composition and instrumentation. I do not want a "here's the amazing work I did with this new collaborator, it's basically five copies of the same song!" or "kii, put the exact same guitar strumming and clapping in everything."
  16. For it to liven up, have a drop, have some more vocals. Anything other than just the same sound over and over.
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  17. For me personally, the only "no skips" albums would be Impossible Princess and Body Language. I can listen to them from beginning to end, even include the B-sides and bonus tracks, and thoroughly enjoy it. Aside from these two, I agree – as much as I love Kylie, she always manages to put two or three duds on her albums.
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  18. I mean, it’s called “minimal” for a reason.
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  19. I'm not normally a fan of dubs but this is a brilliant 'Kylie remix for da clubz' that would go off:

  20. The beauty of Kylie (and this thread) is that there will never be an album that pleases all of her fans in unison after decades of music and eras. That’s the result of being a chameleon (and yes she is chameleonic) and that’s ok by me
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