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Kylie Minogue - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. KM94 and Body Language, have some of her most lush and rich songs.
  2. I think at this point, whatever she does next, is going to be a safe record. They took a bit of a risk with Golden and it paid off but I think they will stick to pop/dance/disco next time.
  3. I don’t mind a disco album as long as it’s not eye rollingly obvious like 100 Degrees or Your Disco
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  4. I like a bit of Disco Kylie, but there is two sides to Disco shall we say.
  5. This forum could do with the latest disco-metal album.
  6. Things I learnt in my 30s:

    There is hours and hours of fantastic disco music that you will never hear unless you go looking for it. Absolutely everything I disliked about disco was formed from ITV1 specials and tedious re-releases circa 1997-1999. Once you get past the usual-suspects 25 songs that are on every single The Best Disco Album In The World... Ever compilation, you are in for a world of wonder.
  7. One night at Horse Meat Disco proves this.
  8. I’d love to have something between KM94 and Body Language too. Think my favourite ever is Nothing Can Stop Us Now, so anything along those lines would be a dream for me. I definitely don’t want Light Years part 2!
  9. If it’s Hercules And Love Affair or Azari and III type disco I’m here for it. If it’s Nile Rodgers or Guy Chambers type disco I’ll buy unenthusiastically.

  10. Really is one of her best 2000's singles for me.
  11. What’s the general feel about the session with Rufus Wainwright a few years back? At times her voice was amazing
  12. I loved the live show she did with him.
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  13. This would be my worst nightmare, what with them being my two least favourite Kylie albums and all.

    Meanwhile, this sounds amazual.
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  14. Lol! The diversity of our collective thinking is so cool
  15. Random thought:

    Ariana Grande’s Sweetener reminds of Kylie’s Body Language. Not the sound so much but the direction. It’s relatively disjointed with half the album wanting to be “cool” and the other half wanting to experiment. Both have some great high points though.

    It also does the X thing where really personal songs are paired with songs that are anything but.
  16. Well, Ari is a Kylie stan, after all!
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  17. Some ideas:

    - A "back to beginning" pop album produced by Stock Aitken Waterman
    - An electronica/pop/dance album produced by William Orbit
    - "Impossible Princess" part 2
    - "Fever" part 2
    - "Aphrodite" part 2
  18. None of the above.
  19. I know her brother is but is she?
  20. It's too early to say an album title, but I like it.
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