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Kylie Minogue - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Yes that's him! Jason!
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  2. There’s a few big stars finally doing memoirs like Mariah and Elton. Do we think Kylie will ever do one?
  3. I doubt it. Kylie is so private..... so unless she needs a pension plan top up (which I seriously doubt) I can’t see it. Maybe we will get another picture book
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  4. At one of my Les Folies dates one of the dancers came and talked to me mid-show (I was at the Splash zone). I mean I was dressed like a ho but still, iconic.
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  5. Yes, Kylie will never do a proper autobiography I think for the reasons as stated by @WhereIsTheFeeling. She said pretty much the same thing in La, La, La back in 2002, and I can't see much changing that too.
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  6. He always seemed sweet, so I'm pleased to have it confirmed. Plus he's fucking gorgeous.
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  7. Out of interest has anyone ever counted how many songs she has recorded?
  8. Surely we have no real clue.

    When you look at the amount of leaks from the X sessions, even if you assume that's towards the higher side of the amount of songs she records for an album, we'd have to think there are many for each album.
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  9. I heard that Kylie wanted to pull the plug on her White Diamond behind the scenes tour but Will Baker pleaded with her to continue, im sure there were lots of bits taken out cos Kylie is so private, she would never do what Madonna did for the blonde ambition tour.
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  10. I sorta meant songs that has been released in some way. Yeah it would be ridiculous to try and count all the unreleased ones.
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  11. It’s a shame though in a way because it made the doc that bit duller because of that. But I get she wants to keep some things private - although if that’s the case just don’t do a documentary?
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  12. I thought White Diamond was rather decent. It really captured the spirit of the tour in my opinion (both on stage and off stage) as well as the challenging aspects of that era for her. I wasn't left feeling I was missing something. (But I also don't think these films are of any value for anyone other than the stans anyway.)
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  13. Why are you wearing those oversized spectables?
  14. girl
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  15. No honey, you looked damn fine!!
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  16. I'm not sure a Kylie memoir would be all that interesting. White Diamond confirmed my fears that she's sweet as can be...but a little bit vanilla. There's nothing wrong with that and I actually think it's a strength that's made her a perfect pop princess, but I'm not sure she's either inclined to tell us what she thinks of things or whether she's the type of person that thinks about things to the point where she has answers to impart.

    Her cancer is an obvious example of how something so utterly life changing can make her almost choke at having to put it into words. Most interviews she becomes breathless and stumbles to process when asked about it. I think she's probably a keep looking forward type of girl. Maybe in many many years when she's exorcised the demon of having her life and career taken away.

    Once she's lived a long life, she'll garner a perspective. I think she's way too busy being grateful and living in the moment and looking to the future to sit down and relive the past. Instagram throwbacks and Greatest Hits re-workings are the closest we'll get to acknowledging whats gone before. Who can blame her.
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  17. Yay love her acknowledgement of this underrated little gem.
  18. I'm actually surprised she hasn't performed an updated version on tour of 'If You Were With Me Now'. I'm not it's biggest fan, but it could sound really beautiful.
  19. In the thousands definitely.
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